‘Tis the season for Gangnam Style

Kai Magsanoc
That's Ntertainment's Joed Serrano invites Filipinos to a K-Pop Christmas party with Psy on the 20th

ARTIST WITH A HEART. That's Ntertainment's Joed Serrano told the press that Psy asked for proceeds of his concert to go to a charity, even before Pablo hit the country. Photo and video by Kai Magsanoc

MANILA, Philippines – With 11 days to go before the concert dubbed “the biggest concert of the year,” concert promoter Joed Serrano decided to call a small press conference to let the entertainment press and the public know that the concert The Gangnam Show: PSY LIVE in Manila is, indeed, pushing through on December 20.

“A lot of people still don’t believe that there will be a Psy concert,” Serrano told Rappler. “So we’re here to answer the media’s questions and, hopefully, let the public know more about it.”

According to Serrano, it was a sudden confirmation. “We closed the deal on November 29 and got the final confirmation on December 3,” he told the press.

“We considered holding it in January but my colleagues and I decided that it’s now or never.”

He admitted that, in November, he was told that a Psy Manila concert within the year was impossible. But Serrano did not give up.

“I didn’t let go… I kept asking,” he told Rappler. He admitted that he had to seek the help of fellow concert promoters Ovation Productions (who was behind the December 9 Sting concert) and Music Management International (who brought JLo to Manila last November 26).

“They told me that he is going on an Asian tour next year, that maybe we could just hold his Manila concert then,” Serrano said. “But, no, December 20 is it.”

The concert is slated to run 3 hours long, with Filipino performers Anne Curtis, Vhong Navarro, Chocoleit, Pokwang, Pooh, K Brosas, Wally Bayola & Jose Manalo, Ate Gay and Ai Ai Delas-Alas owning the first half before Psy takes over for the second half. A finale will see the Pinoy performers joining Psy on stage.

“This is to show the world that we also have talent of Psy’s caliber,” said Serrano. “And we all know that, right now, he is the biggest K-pop star in the world.”

People skeptical about Psy’s concert (since he only has one hit, they say) may be in store for some surprises from Psy. “His other performances are on YouTube. We will see lots of new things from him,” Serrano said confidently. “The world has seen and danced with him. It’s time for the Philippines to do the same.”

Since Psy is now also known for his mash-ups with other artists (i.e. Madonna, MC Hammer), we asked Serrano if he will do the same with a Filipino artist. “I’m sure, of course,” Serrano replied. “Whatever he has shown and given to other countries, I’m pretty sure he will do the same for us.”

“We promise to give a very nice show that will give the audience their money’s worth,” Serrano continued. “We decided to hold it in the SM MOA concert grounds so that even the masses can afford to watch if they want to, for everyone to experience Psy’s Gangnam Style and the other celebs who will be part of the show. There will be fireworks, too.”

According to Serrano, Psy will bring the troupe of Korean dancers we see performing with him in the Gangnam Style music video.

Since the venue has a 40,000-50,000 audience capacity, Serrano is hoping that the concert will also see the biggest flash mob that will perform to Gangnam Style that the world has ever seen.

“It’s a concert for the whole family, it will be a stress-buster,” said Serrano. “Be happy and enjoy. It’s Christmas after all.”

Psy is scheduled to arrive on the evening of December 18, and will probably do TV guestings on the 19th before his concert. When asked how long Psy will be in the country and if he will travel around the Philippines, Serrano said, “He might just fly in and fly out because his schedule is really packed.”

Psy is That’s Ntertainment’s last concert for 2012. Rappler asked which artists they’re planning to bring in 2013, and on top of Serrano’s list is British boy band One Direction.

“So many people are asking for them,” he said.

Other concerts line-up so far are:

  • February 16 – George Benson, James Ingram, Peabro Bryson, Dan Hill and Lani Misalucha 
  • March 15 and 16 – Lea Salonga’s 35 years 
  • Date to be announced – Michael Learns to Rock 

“Barry Manilow is still tentative,” he said.

What about Coldplay? We asked. “Why not?” Serrano replied.

Proceeds of Psy’s concert will go to charity, as requested by Psy.

“We were surprised that Psy thought of that,” Serrano said. “Even before Pablo, we already thought of the Ciara Marie Foundation. Then Pablo came, and so we are giving part of the proceeds to the victims.”

Is Psy requesting for special treatment? A writer from Manila Bulletin asked.

“Not at all,” said Serrano. “He’s not hard to work with.” – Rappler.com