‘Significant Other’ star Tom Rodriguez shares his views on infidelity

‘Significant Other’ star Tom Rodriguez shares his views on infidelity
What would Tom do if he were in his 'Significant Other' character's shoes?

MANILA, Philippines – In his first lead role in a major film, Tom Rodriguez plays Edward, a cosmetic surgeon who becomes romantically involved with a woman who he later learns is best friends with his wife.

The Significant Other pairs him with two of the industry’s most beautiful and sexiest actresses. Lovi Poe plays Tom’s wife Maxene, a supermodel, while Erich Gonzales takes on the role of Nicole, a newbie on the catwalk who unwittingly gets involved with the husband of her new friend, Maxene.

While Tom acknowledges that it’s not the first Filipino film to tackle infidelity, he also points out the value of having such films in our midst.

“The fact that it’s still happening now, meaning kailangan siyang mapag-usapan (It needs to be discussed). Kaya (That’s why) I’m glad that there are still movies like this, opening the dialogue for things like this happening. Kasi kung hindi natin sila iko-confront, hindi natin malalaman na nangyayari pala sila (Because if we don’t confront it, we wouldn’t know that it happens),” he said in an interview with Rappler.

He also shared his views on infidelity. “Technically, we shouldn’t do it,” he said.

The 30-year-old actor, known for his depth and propensity for new discoveries, then went into a brief discussion that links primal instincts to infidelity.

“As a species we haven’t really evolved, I mean biologically. We still have the same primal instincts. Eh dati, ‘di ba (Before), to propagate our species, to propagate our genes, we procreate – that’s intrinsic within us. Pagkakaiba lang (The difference is), we’ve evolved as a society. Whereas before it was survival of the fittest.”

He continued later: “As a society we’ve decided, hindi tama [yung infidelity] ([infidelity is] not right).  You’re responsible for each other, you’ve bonded for life. You have that love for each other. Pinaninindigan natin na ganun (We stick to that). Pero (But) I understand that [infidelity] still happens.”

INFIDELITY ISSUE. Tom says doing movies such as 'The Significant Other' shows that the issue of infidelity in society s a topic that must be talked about.

When asked how he would act if he were in Edward’s situation in The Significant Other, he referenced Hollywood actor Johnny Depp, who said: “If you love two people at the same time, choose the second one. Because if you really loved the first one, then you wouldn’t have fallen for the second.”

So siguro ganun na lang din yung view. Everyone siguro in that situation doesn’t want to be put in that situation. Kaya when you’re there, you adjust na lang din siguro. I wouldn’t know, unless I cross that bridge myself,” said Tom.

(So I guess that would also be my view. I guess everyone in that situation doesn’t want to be put in that situation. So when you’re there, you adjust, I guess. I wouldn’t know unless I cross that bridge myself.) – Rappler.com


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