It’s a different James Reid, Nadine Lustre in ‘Never Not Love You’

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It’s a different James Reid, Nadine Lustre in ‘Never Not Love You’

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From romantic-comedy films, JaDine gets serious in the movie directed by Antoinette Jadaone

MANILA, Philippines – JaDine fans, get ready to see a more mature James Reid and Nadine Lustre in their new movie, Never Not Love You.

“I think it’s time to take it to the next level,” James said on Saturday, March 17, during a press conference for the movie.

“I’m sure they’re used to seeing the typical rom-com so we want to do something different. Something more dangerous, I guess. Daring.”

The real-life couple starred in a number of romantic-comedy movies in the past such as This Time, Diary ng Panget, and Talk Back and You’re Dead. While they see nothing wrong with doing rom-coms, Nadine explained that they are just excited to show their fans a more realistic and relatable love story in Never Not Love You.

“Something that’s more real, something that’s more raw, and more true to life for us… I think, as we get older we want to try new things. Ako, I’m super excited to be here. Pushing limits. Not necessarily daring, not necessarily more mapangahas (daring), but we’re really excited to try out new roles.”

FIGHT FOR LOVE. James' character Gio is a happy go lucky person who gets a job in London.

Directed by Antoinette Jadaone, Never Not Love You tells the story of a young couple, Gio (James) and Joanne (Nadine), forced to choose between love and career. It’s a story of how a once young, carefree, and reckless love can end in an instant when faced with the harsh realities of life.

James and Nadine believe that the movie will be able to provide the much-needed reality check to young couples who can be blinded by love.

Pagdating sa love, parang ang galing-galing nila [millennials] mag-isip, tapos ang hilig ng mga millennials ng mga hugot, hugot lines ganyan. Basta ‘pag about love nagti-twinkle ‘yung mga mata nila… ito po kasing Never Not Love You, ‘pag pinanood ng mga millennials, even not millennials, somehow, nagbibigay siya ng pointers. Na parang, make the right choice at ‘di lang love ‘yung nagpapatakbo ng buhay,” Nadine said.

(When it comes to love, it seems they [millennials] are so good at thinking about it and the millenials are good at the hugot, hugot lines. For as long as it’s about love, it’s like their eyes twinkle…with Never Not Love You, when the millennials and the non-millennials watch, somehow it gives pointers, make the right choice, and that it doesn’t just revolve around love.)

JaDine on moving in, relationship update

Two years into the relationship, James and Nadine couldn’t be happier. The couple shared that it’s all because they were able to build a strong foundation first as friends.

“Ever since me and James got together, I can really say na it changed for the better,” Nadine said.

NO ISSUE. Nadine is once again asked about her views on living in, after she made a comment that times have changed.

“For me, I’ve experienced a different kind of love from Nadine, compared sa past relationships ko. This one has been more mature and I’ve grown a lot,” James added.

Meanwhile, James and Nadine were once again asked about living in. Last year, Nadine’s response, “C’mon guys, it’s 2017” quickly became viral and earned mixed reactions from fans. Faced with the same question, the 24-year-old actress said that moving in should be a non-issue.

“I mean, honestly, it’s really not an issue. As long as you’re both secured and everything is working for you, fine. Like it shouldn’t be an issue at all. If it’s affecting you in a bad way then you should stop, but if you’re good with it then, di ba, why not? If that’s what they want, if that’s what young couples want, and they’re not stepping on anyone’s toes then why should it be bad? Why is it bad?” Nadine answered.

And as for James? “It’s fun,” he simply said.

Never Not Love You hits theaters on March 31. –

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