‘Rurouni Kenshin’ resumes publication after creator is convicted of child pornography

Creator Nobuhiro Watsuki is fined more than a thousand dollars for possession of child pornography

RUROUNI KENSHIN. The popular Japanese manga will resume publication in June. Screenshot from Netflix.ph

MANILA, Philippines – After its creator was Nobuhiro Watsuki was charged with possession of child pornography, the popular manga Rurouni Kenshin will be back in bookstores in June.

According to KotakuRurouni Kenshin’s “Hokkaido Arc” will resume publication on June 4.

They also reported that Watsuki was fined with 200,000 yen ($1,870) earlier this year for violating the law.

Watsuki was charged with possession of child pornographyin late 2017 when authorities found DVDs of nude 15-year-old girls in his Tokyo office and his house.

Rurouni Kenshin was first published in 1994 and has since been adapted into an animated series and into animated and live-action films. – Rappler.com