‘Straight out of a comedy:’ Kim Henares denies Gretchen Barretto’s allegations

‘Straight out of a comedy:’ Kim Henares denies Gretchen Barretto’s allegations
Henares responds to Barretto's claims that she was tapped by Kris Aquino to lower tax fees for a friend

MANILA, Philippines – Former Bureau of Internal Revenue commissioner (BIR) Kim Henares refuted Gretchen Barretto’s claims that she was tapped by Kris Aquino to lower fees for certain people with tax trouble.

“The allegations of Ms Baretto [sic] that people can come to me and fix their tax problem without paying the right amount is straight out of a comedy script. It is a well-known fact that not even my own family enjoyed any preferential service or treatment, much to their disappointment,” Henares said in a statement posted on Facebook.

“I strongly suggest that Ms. Baretto [sic] apply more restraint and thoughtfulness in her statements,” she said.

Barretto earlier alleged that Henares was tapped by Aquino to help a certain Alice Eduardo get out of tax trouble.

“She (Alice Eduardo) was being charged with hundreds of millions or billions and Kris Aquino helped by tapping Kim Henares, if I’m not mistaken, so the fee would be lower. That’s what happened,” said Gretchen in a mix of English and Filipino, in a live video on Instagram on January 19.

Henares was BIR Commissioner when Aquino’s brother was president. Gretchen’s partner Tonyboy Cojuangco is a cousin of Kris and her brother Noynoy.

Aquino, through her lawyers, also denied Barretto’s allegations.

A statement issued by Divina Law on January 20 said that Aquino “did not and will never aid, abet or tolerate any tax evasion by anyone,” and that the relationship between Aquino and Eduardo “does not extend to her business interests.”

Barretto later dismissed the statement, calling it a “classic example of non-denial denial.”

Barretto’s allegations came after she voiced support for Nicko Falcis, who is currently in a highly-publicized legal battle with Aquino. – Rappler.com

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