Gretchen Barretto on Kier Legaspi: ‘He always tried to be part of Dani’s life’
Gretchen Barretto on Kier Legaspi: ‘He always tried to be part of Dani’s life’
The outspoken actress speaks out on Instagram Live

MANILA, Philippines – Gretchen Barretto has spoken up in favor of Kier Legaspi, the estranged father of her niece Dani.

Dani recently opened up in a vlog about her relationship with her dad, who she said she hasn’t spoken to in 6 years.

In the vlog, posted on March 16, Dani said she and her dad “never really had a solid relationship.”

“On my end, I’ve been hurt a lot of times by this person and not that I’m blaming him for everything, I probably have faults too, but at the end of the day I’ve been wanting an effort out of him but I never got it,” she said.

She also said that despite being estranged from her father, she never felt neglected because her mother Marjorie raised her well and she had a great support system.

“I hope he knows I turned out fine, and credit goes to my mom, all of it. Shout out to my mother who raised me well, that’s it. I have nothing against my dad,” she said.

Dani, who in February got engaged to Xavi Panlilio, also said that her mother is walking her down the aisle.

“It’s only right that she walks me down the aisle because she raised me on her own and everything that I am, it’s all because of her so she is the most deserving to walk me down the aisle,” Dani said.

Gretchen’s response

Responding to the vlog, Gretchen rose to Kier’s defense, saying that his only fault when it came to being a father was that he wasn’t wealthy.

Siguro kung may kasalanan si Kier kay Dani, hindi siya mayaman, hindi siya mayor ng Caloocan, wala siyang limpak-limpak na pera. ‘Yan ang kasalanan ng isang Kier,” she said in an Instagram Live video, referencing Marjorie’s rumored relationship with former Caloocan mayor Recom Echiverri.

(If Kier ever committed any sin against Dani, it’s that he isn’t wealthy. He isn’t the mayor of Caloocan, he doesn’t have loads of money. That’s where Kier fell short.)

“Kier Legaspi always tried to be a part of Dani’s life but the mom of Dani didn’t allow it because in the beginning,” Gretchen said, then trailed off. “I wont do that, too much information. That’s it. I’ll cut there.”

Gretchen then said she wished that Dani was more grateful.

“I love Dani. And uminit ang dibdib ko (my chest heated up), honestly as somebody who took care of her and I really, really wish na (that) she’ll have a little gratitude in her heart,” she said.

She also said in the Live video that she won’t be attending Dani’s wedding if she were invited.

Kier’s message to Dani

Kier had earlier penned an open letter to Dani, congratulating her on her engagement and saying he was still waiting for her.

“I’m here, I will always be here. Bata ka pa lang lagi na kitang hinahabol (Even when you were a kid, I’d always try to spend time with you), you don’t know what I had to do just to see you. Until now, I’m still waiting for our meeting,” he said in an Instagram post on March 17.

“I want you to know that I was the first man who ever loved you and that no matter what, you will always be my daughter,” he added. –

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