Kris Aquino remembers dad Ninoy on 36th death anniversary
Kris Aquino remembers dad Ninoy on 36th death anniversary
'Dad knew how to make people feel special and important,' Kris says of her late father

MANILA, Philippines — Kris Aquino paid tribute to her father, the late Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr., as the rest of the country remembered him on the day he was slain on the tarmac of what is now the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. 

Kris posted a photo of herself with her father, her mother former president Cory Aquino, and sister Ballsy. She said the photo was taken in Boston months before Ninoy was assassinated. Her other siblings, including former president Noynoy and sisters Viel and Pinky, were too shy to join the photo, recalled Kris.

“In loving remembrance of the first man who gave me the courage and the wings to BELIEVE in my dreams, together with all my love for the woman who instilled in me, the backbone to make sure my childhood wishes became REALITY,” Kris said.

“Dad knew how to make people feel special and important. Mom knew how to make us feel protected and encouraged us to be the best versions of ourselves. God blessed me way more than I deserved with the parents who gave me life, and the sons na ngayon naman, ako na ang nagpapalaki (sons that I’m now raising on my own).”

She also posted a photo of her father holding her as a baby. Kris said even then, Ninoy would tell her that one day, she’d be a star herself. 

“My dad was killed when he was only 50 years old. My mom saw my first commercial, first TV show, and the first movie —all those ‘FIRSTS’ that the man carrying me here ALWAYS said would one day happen. 

Ang mom pagsasabihan pa sya (Mom would always tell him), ‘dad, don’t get her hopes up.’ But he would whisper to me ‘beautiful, you’ll be on TV and starring in movies, and signing autographs.”

Kris said she decided to share the story for parents and would-be parents.

“Please encourage the dreams of your children and equip them with the discipline and skills to shine in what they love doing… siguro po kaya hindi ako sumusuko sa laban ng buhay kasi number one lesson ng dad: kung choice mo ang public life, whether in politics or entertainment, bawal ang pikon. Second rule: life should be lived guided by the principle of addition and never subtraction… dad, I am infinitely proud that I’m yours and mom’s, BABY.” 

(Maybe that’s why I don’t give up easily. My dad’s number one lesson was that if you choose to live a public life, whether in politics or entertainment, you can’t let it get to you.)


Ninoy was assassinated on August 21, 1983 following years of exile in Boston. (READ: Kris Aquino ‘thanks’ Duterte for saying Marcos killed Ninoy)

His wife Cory became president in 1986 following the People Power movement that removed the dictator Ferdinand Marcos and his family from Malacañang.

Decades later, another Aquino – Kris’ only brother Noynoy, would be elected president as well. Kris, thus far, has not entered politics. —

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