From Miss Universe to her love life: Catriona Gray answers questions on ‘Tonight with Boy Abunda’
From Miss Universe to her love life: Catriona Gray answers questions on ‘Tonight with Boy Abunda’


Catriona answers questions on Gazini Ganados' perfomance, new Miss Universe 2019 Zozibini Tunzi, and whether Alden Richards and Sam Milby are courting her

MANILA, Philippines – Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray returned to Tonight with Boy Abunda where she answered questions on life after Miss Universe and what’s up on her plate.

In the two part interview, which aired on December 24 and 25, Catriona answered questions on what she thought about the new Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi, Gazini Ganados’ performance, being linked to Sam Milby and Alden Richards, and whether she is in love again.

Here’s a summary of the interview:

On her farewell walk 

It was really a mixture of emotions. It’s because this journey has represented so much. It wasn’t just a pageant anymore. It became so much more than me, it became not just about my family or about my team but for the whole of the Philippines, for mga kababayan (our fellow countrymen) na abroad when I would be able to go visit in their home countries like Dubai. Being able to sense the source of pride that would erupt in being able to bring the crown home and to look back on the year on how much I’ve grown as a person.

One of the “best” Miss Universe titleholders

I am very very flattered because I always wanted to be just myself during this whole journey.  And I wanted to be creative and I want to represent our country and I want to bring something new to the table.

Gazini Ganados’ performance in Miss Universe

I would have loved to be a fly in the wall within the closed door interview cause I feel like that’s when the judges get their first… it’s their first impression of the girl, it’s their first impression of their personality…that’s the first time the judges see the girls. And I am unfortunately don’t know how that went.

Gazini did really really well [on the preliminary competition]. She was sultry and her performance was really strong I felt on the ramp.

On the announcement that the Miss Universe Organization will no longer be under Binibining Pilipinas

I heard it first when it came out on the internet actually because it was always heresay… I actually really think it marks an end of an era because I felt so supported with Binibini, with Madame Stella [Araneta], they gave me such guidance and they really trusted in my creative vision of how I wanted to represent myself and the Philippines at Miss Universe. And I’m so so thankful for them and that 50 plus years they’ve protected the brand and re-lifted pageantry to what is today.

A new chapter after Miss Universe

It’s an unchartered territory and my life has changed and I have dozes of it every year but I still feel like a simple girl. So I feel like coming back home to the Philippines, it’s even more evident on how much my life has changed and I know there will be times that I will be a little bit overwhelmed but I feel like it’s such a great blessing also. (READ: Catriona Gray to write about pageant journey in upcoming book)

Miss Universe 2019 Zozibini Tunzi

She’s very very eloquent. And I was so proud watching backstage because I was liek a fan before my little segment. When the top 10 was announced and all have spoken their opening spiels I’m like wow, what an eloquent batch of women. And I’m so so proud that it was being reflected in Miss Universe.

On her bare face photo posted during the #AsSheIs challenge on Instagram

I feel like it’s a very human experience to feel insecure. But I also feel that there’s this preconceived notion that once you reach a certain level of success or certain likeability, that all those insecurities disappear. And I wanted to post something like this to say no it doesn’t, that not matter who you are and what level of success or walk of life you are in, there will be moments that you’ll feel down or insecure or unsure because it’s normal. 

On being linked to Alden Richards and Sam Milby

I feel like the fans are like shipping which I guess it’s [what] fans do. I never met Alden before.  

And then Sam naman, we go to the same church, we are under the same management so friend naman siya.

Does she block her bashers on social media (part of the segment Yes, No, Maybe)? 

I do. It’s a very empowering thing for me to do because I feel like I take away their power and I take away the negativity with a push of a button. 

Is she in love again (part of the segment Yes, No, Maybe)?

I am in love with the possibilities of the new chapter.


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