Joey de Leon gets flak after cracking lewd joke on air

Joey de Leon gets flak after cracking lewd joke on air
People on Twitter slam the 'Eat Bulaga' host for his 'sana masakyan kita' comment during the show

MANILA, Philippines – Comedian Joey de Leon trended on Twitter on Tuesday, January 7, after cracking a lewd joke during a segment on noontime show Eat Bulaga. 

During the show’s “Bawal Judgmental” segment, Joey and co-host Allan K were interviewing a Miss Millennial 2018 candidate who returned to the show as a judge in the segment. Danna Rose Socaoco, who was first runner-up in Miss Millennial 2018, now works as a flight attendant. 

Joey complimented her legs on air and later said, “Sana masakyan kita isang araw (I hope to ride you one day),”

The double entendre was definitely not okay with people online. 

One user, @iamchristevans, tweeted: “I love Eat Bulaga but Joey de Leon [is] always proving that he is an insensitive host. Saying, ‘Sana masakyan kita’ to a flight attendant contestant in #BawalJudgmental is so below the belt and shows no respect to the audience and also to the contestant.”


Twitter user @MarkyFul wrote: “I hope Joey De Leon is constantly reminded that everytime he says something shitty on national tv, a ghost from his past would always make its presence felt in the digital world.”





Several also pointed the hypocrisy of some critics – in calling Joey de Leon out while tolerating the same sort of statements from politicians. 




As of writing, the TV host has not yet issued a statement.

This is not the first time Joey’s earned the ire of social media users.  In 2018, Joey was criticized after asking a former guest relations officer (GRO) if she’s had anyone from Eat Bulaga as a customer. In the Philippines, the term “GRO” is used to refer to women who keep men company in bars. (READ: The many times Joey de Leon found himself in the middle of controversy)

He also drew flak in 2017 when he said that depression was all made up– Rappler.com

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