For Bright and Win of ‘2gether: The series,’ love has no gender
For Bright and Win of ‘2gether: The series,’ love has no gender
The hit Thai show airs every Friday on GMMTV's YouTube channel

MANILA, Philippines –The Thai show 2gether: The Series has quickly become a Friday habit for many Filipino fans, who tune in each week for a much-needed dose of kilig.

The show, which started airing in February, tells the story of two college boys, Tine and Sarawat, who fake a relationship only to fall in love for real. (READ: Why the Thai BL show ‘2gether: The Series’ works)

At the center of the show are its two impossibly good-looking stars Win, who plays Tine, and Bright, who plays Sarawat – who both said that the show’s message is about how love isn’t defined by gender.

“For me love has no definition,” Bright said in an interview with ABS-CBN’s MJ Felipe that aired on YouTube on Friday, May 8.

“It has many forms and love has no gender and for this, it’s just man to man,” he said.

Win agreed, saying “In my opinion love is not about gender, love is not about another thing, love is just about love.”

He went on to note how his character in the series even starts out liking women but eventually falls in love with a man. (WATCH: Rappler Talk Entertainment: BL and queer media with ‘Hanging Out’ star Jox Gonzales and director Petersen Vargas)

“Love is not about gender at all,” he said.

In the interview, the two held back on details of the show’s fast-approaching season finale and couldn’t say if a second season would be coming, but they said that they hoped there would be one.

They said that they are aware of their Filipino fanbase – and yes, they do see the messages fans send on social media.

“Mostly I’ve got ‘Good morning,’ ‘Good night,’ ‘I love you,'” Win laughed.

“We are really thankful for you guys, for supporting us, for liking Sarawat, Tine, and other characters in the series,” he said.

While neither of them have been to the Philippines, Bright shared that he knows the country for its beautiful beaches, and hopes to meet Filipino fans soon.

The full 20-minute interview is now up on ABS-CBN Entertainment’s YouTube channel. 

2gether: The series is also available on YouTube, with new episodes airing every Friday on the GMMTV channel. –

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