‘Mayon Volcano’ trends after 2gether’s BrightWin holds first global fanmeet

Don Kevin Hapal
‘Mayon Volcano’ trends after 2gether’s BrightWin holds first global fanmeet
The hit TV pair also turned emotional as they looked back on their journey to global success

MANILA, Philippines – Filipino Twitterverse erupt with photos of the Mayon Volcano after a surprise plug in the first online global fanmeet of one of the most popular Thai love teams, BrightWin.

It took only one mention for Metawin Opas-iamkajorn (Win), one of the lead actors from Thailand’s hit Boys Love series 2gether, for his legion of fans to make “Mayon Volcano” trend on Twitter, after the actor said he’d like to visit the famed Albay volcano.

“I found this place, it’s called Mayon Volcano in The Philippines. It’s very beautiful. Like a painting,” he said after being asked by a Filipino fan about his next dream vacation during the show. “I want to go to Mayon Volcano. Because of the view, and the landscape is so beautiful.”

His onscreen partner meanwhile, Vachirawit Chiva-ree (Bright), said he’d like to go to the Maldives.

Within minutes, Mayon Volcano trended in the Philippines, with at least 8,000 tweets as of writing, with fans proudly posting photos of the volcano for Win to see and show off of its “perfect cone.”


The  event’s official hashtag, #GlobalLiveFMxBrightWin, also trended worldwide, generating at least 1.8 million tweets as of writing.

BrightWin’s first Global Fanmeet

This happened on the sidelines of GMMTV’s first ever Global Live Fan Meeting, a series of concerts for fans of some of Thailand’s most beloved Boys Love couples, this June. The fanmeet featuring Bright and Win went live on Saturday, June 20. 


In what seemed like a workaround to social distancing measures because of COVID-19, the show allowed fans all over the world to watch, meet, and interact with Bright and Win online through the Vlive app. In the Philippines, Globe Telecom also gave free access to the show for 100 Filipino fans.

For almost three hours, fans got to enjoy back-to-back song numbers from Bright and Win, made more fun with augmented reality, as well as watch them answer fan questions and play games. 

The show opened with a smooth jazz rendition of 2gether’s official soundtrack, Tit Gub (Stuck On You) by Max Jemnana, and Event by Season Five. These were followed by solo performances, with Win doing an emotional cover of Pid Tee Wai Jai by Thai rock bank Silly Fools, and Bright singing his single, Tok Long Chan Kit Bpai Eng Chai Ma (It’s all in my head all these times).

And of course, the show wouldn’t be complete without a Scrubb medley, featuring the songs Klai (Close), Khao Gun Dee (Click), and Khoo Gun (Together), which were all part of the story of 2gether. They also sung I love you 3000 by Stephanie Poetri and Jackson Wang and Piang Chai Kon Nee (When a Man Loves a Woman). 


Before wrapping up the show with another one of 2gether’s official soundtracks, Kan Goo, Bright and Win got visibly emotional after watching a tribute video on their journey so far. Both in tears, they thanked their fans and colleagues for their massive success.

“I know this is the beginning for us, but we never thought we would have today. To have all of you who support us always throughout every moment,” Win said in Thai.

“Thanks to fans sincerely… Thanks to the fans who are with me right from the beginning, or just recently. You are with me through the happiness, the sadness. You are always here with me,” Bright said. 



Bright and Win rose to popularity worldwide after starring in 2gether: The series, a television series about two male college students who fake date to shake off a relentless admirer. The show got so popular in the Philippines and will soon be streaming on Philippine media giant ABS-CBN’s cable and online platforms. – Rappler.com

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