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From dream roles to Philippine destinations, BrightWin answer questions from PH media

Don Kevin Hapal

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From dream roles to Philippine destinations, BrightWin answer questions from PH media
Read the transcript of their live Q&A with Filipino media here!

MANILA, Philippines – The BrightWin train is far from over. In fact, it’s about to go full throttle here in the Philippines, with the hit Thai television series 2gether getting a Filipino-dubbed local run.

The boys love series, which took the world by storm, will start streaming on ABS-CBN’s cable and online platforms on June 28, featuring the popular love team of Vachirawit Chiva-ree (Bright) and Metawin Opas-iamkajorn (Win) of GMMTV.

As an early gift to their Filipino fans, Bright and Win talked with media for their first live digital interview in the Philippines called BrightWin Live on Friday, June 26. 

From their dream superhero roles to their must-visits in the Philippines, Bright and Win answer questions from Filipino media and fans. Rappler is publishing the transcript to their answers in full here:

How are you guys, now?

Win: We’re pretty tired. (Laughs)

Bright: Grateful to work everyday.

How was your global fan meet? (READ: ‘Mayon Volcano’ trends after 2gether’s BrightWin holds first global fanmeet’ )

Win: It was pretty fun and we were really proud of ourselves because it was our first show, too.

Bright: We’re thankful to our fans who would come to greet us.

You got emotional towards the end of the show. Why is that?

Bright: We felt happy.

Win: We felt very thankful for the fans and thankful for him (Bright).

Bright: I was proud of him so much, too.

You mentioned that you’re a bit tired. How do you relax or destress?

Bright: In my free time, I like playing guitar, singing. Sometimes, watching movie.

Win: For me, I work out and play sports.




What do you think made 2gether very appealing to the general audience?

Bright: Because it’s easy to watch and everyone who were watching this series will be happy.

Win: Also, the message of the show is very universal. So people can easily understand the show. (READ: ‘For Bright and Win of ‘2gether: The series,’ love has no gender’ )

It became very popular in the Philippines. What’s your reaction to the support of Filipino fans?

Bright: Honestly, we were so surprised that we have so many overseas fans.

Win: At first, we didn’t expect that we will have overseas fans. We feel very thankful for the fans supporting us.

Bright: We know we have so many fans in the Philippines. 

Win: Thank you.

With the popularity of 2gether overseas, would you say the timing of the show’s release became one of the reasons why it became so successful?

Bright: Yeah, we were luck everyone was staying at home. (Laughs) But we were happy to help you guys get through this situation (the pandemic). (READ: ‘SarawaTine helped keep myself ‘2gether’ during the lockdown‘ )

How has your success changed the way you use social media – are you more enthusiastic or are you more careful in posting now?

Bright: We are more careful about what we post now (on social media) because we have many people watching us, including children. That’s why we have to think carefully before we post something.

Win: Agree. Because now, we have many people watching us, following us. So we have to be careful when we do something on social media.

Bright: (We are followed by people in) different ages.

How are you handling the fame and popularity? And how do you handle both the positive reactions and the criticisms that come with fame?

Bright: We only try to do our best.

Win: We try to focus on our jobs.

Bright: We don’t think about fame very much. We just focus on what we’re working on.

You guys seem really close even off-screen. What’s your friendship dynamic like? And are you better friends now after filming the series?

Win: Yes! (Laughs)

Bright: We are close. We get closer everyday because we see each other everyday.

Did you guys meet before the show or when the show started?

Bright: We met before.

Your onscreen chemistry played a big role on the show’s success. How did you guys prepare for it and what can we expect in the upcoming Still2gether?

Bright: For the first question — I read the novel many times and I had to darken my skin for my character. No sunscreen for three months.

Win: I read the novel too and I had to lose weight. Because before, I was bigger than him (Bright) and Tine has to be smaller than Sarawat. So I had to lose weight.

If you could be given a chance to write, direct, and maybe star in your own TV show or movie, what would that TV show or movie be about?

Bright: I think, comedy movie. Romantic comedy. Like About Time. I liked that movie a lot. Special plot, with love and comedy.

Win: For me, it’s gonna be an action movie. And the story’s going to be about, someone killed my dog. (Laughs)

Bright: Like John Win?

Win: Yes, like John Win! So he’d kill my dog and I have to chase him, and find him, and kill him. (Laughs)

If you were given a chance to star in your own superhero movie, and if you could choose, which superhero would that be and why?

Bright: I would like to be Batman. Because I like Joker so much, so I want to face him.

Win: For me, John Wick. (Laughs) Because if some hits you I will [hit back] with a pencil.

Win is taking economics (in university) while Bright is taking marketing. Do you guys intend to finish your school in the middle of your popularity and busy schedules?

Win: Actually, I’ve already finished my school and I’m graduating next year.

Bright: For me, I will finish my degrees next year. It’s my last year.

Beyond your popularity, what are your dreams and plans for the future? Are you planning to pursue your acting career?

Win: I want to keep acting if I have the chance. And I want to be an architect if I have the chance, too. It’s my dream job.

Bright: For me, I want to keep acting too, if I have the chance. And I want to be a successful singer.

We all know that you’re both family-oriented. For Win, your popularity as an actor is a validation that you can make it on your own. Do you think you’ve made your family proud with what you’ve done so far?

Win: Yes, they are proud of me.

Bright: Me, too.

Win: Thank you! (Laughs) My dad is proud of me too. One day, he touched my head and said he’s proud of me.

For Bright, you admit that you come from a modest family and everything you do is for your mom. Have you fulfilled everything that your mom has wished that you do?

Bright: I just told my mom that she doesn’t need to work anymore. I would take care of her.



How do you intend to use your popularity and give back to your family and community?

Bright: I will continue to work hard so I can support my family.

Win: Me, too. I want to work hard so I can support my family, too. And I want my dad to take a rest.

Bright. That’s cool. You can do it.

Win: Thank you!

Bright: For the community, we have many projects about the environment that I want to do in the future.

Win: I already had a project about COVID. I helped donate to them before. In the future I want to help orphans. To help them and donate too.

What Thai dish would you use to describe yourself?

Bright: Do you know Som Tam? For me it’s Som Tam, because I’m hot and spicy! (Laughs)

Win: For me, it’s mango and sticky rice. Because I’m sweet!

If you had a chance to date a Filipina, what Thai dish would you recommend to her?

Bright: Kai Palo. It’s stewed pork with eggs and many spices. It has sweet taste.

Win: For me it’s Som Tam.

Bright: Again? Hot and spicy? (Laughs)

Win: Ah no, not Som Tam. Tom yum soup with rice! It’s good.

What meme or fan art of 2gether that you’ve seen online is your favorite?

Bright: I love all of the fan art that drew us as cartoons. I like that kind of fan art.

Win: I actually found one… It’s the compilation of me saying a rude word in Thai. (Laughs) But I don’t want to say it!

In 2gether, Tine did everything Sarawat to become his fake boyfriend. Would you do the same in real life?

Win: I’m not gonna ask him to be my fake boyfriend. If I like him, I’m going to ask him to be my real boyfriend!

Bright: Yeah! (Laughs) Same answer.

Mayon Volcano trended in the Philippines after you mentioned that you wanted to visit it. Is there any other place in the Philippines you’d like to visit and why?

Win: I have one — an island. It’s called Boracay. Because it has very beautiful beach and clear water.

Bright: I want to go there too, but for me, I have seen this island called Cebu. Because it has a really great diving spot. They have beautiful waves. I want to go diving there.

Are there any plans on recording an original Filipino song for your FIlipino fans?

Bright: For now, I have no plan, but maybe I will! Let’s see. Maybe I’ll try to cover more English songs, so that you can understand it, [and post it] on my Instagram.

How about you Win, would you be willing to record an original Filipino song?

Win: Yeah! (Laughs) But right now I have to practice more singing.

Bright: You can sing!

If you could master one skill that you don’t have right now, what would it be?

Bright: I want to learn how to dance, because I’m a very bad dancer. (Laughs)

Win: No! You’re not bad.

How about you, Win?

Win: I want to be good at singing and dancing.

Bright: Just one?

Win: Singing!

Maybe Bright can teach you that?

Bright: Maybe, he can tell me about dancing.



If you have a magic lamp, what are your three wishes?

Bright and Win: First, we want everybody to be happy. And we want everybody to have good health.

Bright: For the third one, can I have ten wishes? (Laughs) If only one, I want this pandemic [to end]. Because I want to go overseas now.

If it’s your last day on Earth and you can also ask each other one question, what will it be?

Bright: I would ask him, “have you ever lied to me?” (Laughs)

Win: I will ask, “will he come to my funeral?” (Laughs)

Bright: Sure! Why not?

Win: Thank you! (Laughs)

A few decades from now, how would you like to be remembered by your fans and people in general?

Bright: For me, if nobody hates me, that’s okay. Just that.

Win: I think, [that] nobody hates us is good enough.

What is the most important advice that your mother and father have taught you?

Win: Always be considerate of other people.

Bright: For me, my mom told me that we cannot get everything that we want at a time.

What name will you give to the BrightWin fandom?

Bright: First, thanks for all the support. But I think BrightWin is good enough. Let’s just keep it as that. BrightWin, we love that name. 










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