Stars join #MillionPeopleMarch
Local celebrities join in the Million People March

SCRAP PORK. Celebrities join the fight against corruption. Photo from Bianca Gonzalez' Twitter

MANILA, Philippines – Not a few celebrities were one with the nation, as they took to the streets and online to join the Million People March against the pork barrel scandal on Monday, August 26.

The mass protest action on National Heroes Day was held at the Luneta and the Quirino Grandstand, scene of historic presidential inaugurations including President Aquino’s oathtaking in 2010.

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Mae Paner, also known as Juana Change truly embodied the cause when she came dressed in a pig-in-a-barrel costume.

PORK. Mae Paner with Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle. Photo by EPA/Dennis Sabangan

Raymond Gutierrez, Georgina Wilson, Isabelle Daza, and Martine Cajucom were also among the stars present at the rally who also posted online their participation.

“In Luneta to stand up for change. Its important for young people to care & make sure the next gen doesn’t suffer the same consequences,” tweeted the actor-host and son of actors Eddie Gutierrez and Annabelle Rama.

Raymond described the “vibe” in Luneta as “calm.”

“It’s nice to see filipinos come together to support change. No need for negative vibes now.” he tweeted.

Also present was Isabelle’s mother, Gloria Diaz, who was ever the beauty queen as she joined the clamor for justice and change.

GLORIA DIAZ. Photo by Arcel Cometa

“The corrupt who steal our taxes MUST suffer the consequences,” said model-TV host Bianca Gonzalez, who also took part in relief efforts during the recent storm.

The young celebrity also posted her a video of her singing the words “Kurakot sila to the left, kurakot sila to the right, sana’y bangungutin sila tonight.”

Robin Padilla was also at the rally with his wife, Mariel Rodriguez. The actor lamented the inequitable character of this scandal.

Saab Magalona blogged her sentiments in her entry titled, “Why I’m going to the #MillionPeopleMarch Today,” expressing her anger at politicians and at the Napoleses who are at the center of all this.

The daughter of the late Francis Magalona, who was a politicallly committed artist in his heyday, called for better education, law enforcement, public transportation, and infrastructure.

“Let’s not minimize their usage of the people’s money, let’s completely cut them off. This can be your legacy,” she wrote.

“People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people,” Saab posted on Instagram, quoting a line from the film “V for Vendetta.”

Edu Manzano who was also present at the rally appealed for national unity based on principle.

Robi Domingo was also there. “Time to stand up for a national cause!! Voices are definitely heard here for the #millionpeoplemarch!!” tweeted the young actor-TV host.

Jim Paredes posted a video of the rally where he sang “Minamahal Kong Pilipinas.”

“Super tired. Happy ppl in social media actually showed up. What an experience. We were all fab,” went his post.

Actress Pinky Amador joined Jim Paredes as she captured the March on her Instagram.

Comedienne Candy Pangilinan was also among the famous faces who were active during the march.

CANDY PANGILINAN. Photo by Arcel Cometa

Also spotted among the ralliers was Randy Santiago.

RANDY SANTIAGO. Photo by Arcel Cometa

Other celebrities were noticeably missing, but they expressed their unqualified solidarity with the ralliers through social media.

An Instagram post by Anne Curtis went with this comment:

“Please stop corruption in the Philippines. Government officials, maawa naman kayo. That hard earned money should be going towards GOOD USE and the BETTER of OUR COUNTRY and the PEOPLE who need OUR HELP. It was NEVER meant for YOU to put in your own pockets.”

“I may not be out there at the Quirino Grand Stand but I am ONE with EVERYONE that wants an explanation and wants to STOP CORRUPTION in the Philippines. #MillionPeopleMarch.”

Dingong Dantes also joined the clamor against the pork barrel scam.

In a statement that the actor also posted on his Facebook page, he lamented the “shocking revelations” regarding the misused funds, and urged its allocation to serve the “pressing needs of poor Filipinos.”

Dantes was unable to take part in the mass demonstration, but he expressed his solidarity through social media.

Here’s his statement:

  Dingdong Dantes Statement Against the Pork Barrel

Here’s what other celebrities posted online:


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