A campaign for Jessica Sanchez

Michael Carandang on the support Jessica Sanchez needs to last on American Idol

VOTED OFF? WHY? Michael Carandang gives a simple answer: she needs votes.

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – As far as reality shows are concerned, Michael Carandang definitely knows the game. After working on the iconic The Jerry Springer Show, The Tyra Banks Show, and America’s Next Top Model for several years, the producer — currently in Manila to do a series of projects — blogs in Rappler his thoughts on Jessica Sanchez and her American Idol journey.

We posed Michael one question: Is it about race, gender, or television ratings?

Here are Michael’s thoughts:

“Let me start by saying that Jessica Sanchez is one talented young girl. It doesn’t matter that she’s half-Filipino and half-Mexican. She could’ve been white, black, or Hispanic, but no one can deny that this girl is pure talent and sophistication on stage. 

The fact that Jessica was voted off on American Idol and was eventually saved by the judges doesn’t mean that she is not talented. It doesn’t mean that she’s not popular. It doesn’t mean that she’s not well-liked. 

It just means that she got the least number of votes. She was voted off because the other contestants received more votes that she did.  

All Idol fans would know that the same thing happened to Jennifer Hudson years ago when she was eliminated way before her time. Unfortunately or fortunately for the future Oscar and Grammy winner, the judges didn’t have the power to save a contestant back then. 

On the other hand, Jessica has been given another shot to continue on with the competition and become the next American Idol. 

ANOTHER JENNIFER HUDSON? Good thing for Jessica, the judges now have saving power. But this may not be enough.

Now, how come Jessica received the least number of votes? It’s hard to tell exactly what happened, but here is my prediction: 

I believe that Jessica has been a favorite since Day One. I feel that many people didn’t vote for her because they assume she’s going to make it to the next round even if they didn’t vote for her. 

I also think that at this point of the competition, you need to be more than talented. You need to have the overall package and have the undying support of your fan base. 

Unfortunately for Jessica, it takes more than being talented to win this. She needs America’s votes to win this competition. She needs to impress and get the entire country to back her up. 

There hasn’t been a contestant from Asian descent to win this competition. Jessica may be the first, but she’ll not only need the help of the Fil-Americans, she’ll need the votes of the whites, blacks, and Hispanics. 

Now how do we help her? For all those Filipinos in the US, let’s keep voting for her and share our love for Jessica. To non-Filipinos, we need to campaign for Jessica just as how we would for our next president. – Rappler.com

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