Lindsay Lohan and Woody Allen on a date?
Is the genius of a director actually going out with America's sweetheart gone bad?

WAITING FOR A COMEBACK. Lindsay Lohan is still trying to regain what she has lost. Photo from

WASHINGTON, United States of America — Lindsay Lohan was spotted with “Everyone Says ‘I Love You'” director Woody Allen in what Hollywood paparazzi call a “high profile dinner date.”

Allen is said to be mentoring the actress to help her save what remains of her shattered acting career.

Allen admits he is a big Lohan supporter, but clears their dinner was no date: his wife, Soon-Yi Previn, was with them.

Lohan started with her comeback by doing fashion and modeling stints, recently for retail brand Jag and designer brand Philip Plein.

A DIFFERENT ROUTE. Lohan now packages herself as a fashion model, too. Photo from

“I’m willing to do what I have to do to get (back) there because that’s my passion,” says Lohan of her acting career to TV show Extra. –

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