Meteor Fever: ‘Meteor Garden’ returns on TV
Filipino fans are excited for the return of 'Meteor Garden' on local TV


MANILA, Philippines – Are you ready for the ultimate throwback?

It’s the age-old story of girl-meets-boy, girl-hates-boy, boy-falls-for-girl, girl-falls-for-boy, but it’s one we just can’t get enough of. Brace yourselves, Asianovela fans, because 2001 series Meteor Garden is back for re-reruns on ABS-CBN.

But the fandom is not just about the show’s main characters: Shan Cai, Dao Ming Si, Hua Ze Lei, Xi Men, and Mei Zuo. Fans also fell head over heels for the series’ catchy soundtrack, and its return is just as exciting. 

Meteor Garden‘s theme song is sure to sound familiar. Someone around you was sure to have strummed it on a guitar or used it as a ringtone. Fans may not be able to sing all the words anymore, but it’s the melody they will always remember.

Speaking of hit songs, Justin Bieber wasn’t the first one to combine ‘oh’ and ‘baby’ to cause major LSS! Years before, Meteor Garden actors Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Ken Chu, and Vaness Wu – also known as boyband F4 – had the big hit Can’t Lose You (the one with “Oh bab-eh bab-eh bab-eh”)!

Listen to songs from the series and see which ones you can still sing along with:

Now, you may think that the hype died for good, but the reaction to ABS-CBN’s announcement has been massive.

The more than 14,000 social media posts in the last 14 days is proof enough that Meteor Fever is back, and stronger than ever.

These fan tweets will help you get a grasp of the situation.


Filipinos are ready to re-watch this hilarious, touching, and addictive Cinderella story once again. So sit tight Dao Ming Sisters and Hua Ze Ladies, your princes will be back on screen before you know it! –

What is your favorite Meteor Garden memory? Tell us in the comments section!

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