Robin Gibb thought his family is ‘cursed’
The icon passed away with questions about his family

LAST PHOTO TOGETHER. Andy, Robin, Barry and Maurice in 1979 at Andy's birthday party. Photo from

WASHINGTON, United States of America – “Is there a curse on the Bee Gees?”

Inside Edition reports that this was the question asked by Robin Gibb before he passed away last Sunday at the age of 62.

The singer apparently wondered of his family is paying a “karmic price” for their astounding success.

Robin is the third of 4 brothers to die a quite early death. 

Maurice Ernest, his twin, died in 2003 to complications resulting from a twisted intestine. 

Andy, their youngest brother, died in 1988 to mycocarditis.

Eldest brother Barry, 65, is the only surviving Gibb brother. –

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