Mig Ayesa stars as Stacee Jaxx in ‘Rock of Ages’ Manila

Kai Magsanoc
We knew him as the symbol of Filipino pride in the reality talent show 'Rockstar INXS' 7 years ago.

ROCK STAR, CERTIFIED. Mig Ayesa is perfect as Stacee Jaxx in "Rock of Ages" the musical. Catch him in Manila until July 8.

MANILA, Philippines – It was one of those Mondays that was dark, dreary and rainy. The functiom room at Oakwood-Joy Nostalg in Ortigas was filled with people yet it was awfully quiet — perhaps because of the weather, perhaps people were “saving” their energy, perhaps because everyone was busy tending to their business.

But when Filipino-Australian performer Mig Ayesa walked in, clad in black from head to toe, he flipped the energy by a hundred-and-eighty degrees. With just two hours of sleep from his flight from London (via Hokkaido) to Manila (and straight to rehearsals), Mig was an energy fireball in a mature, slightly subdued kind of way.

What struck me was the energy behind his eyes, the friendliness in his air and the smile that never left his face. He reminded me of Mick Jagger (Mig, I hope you don’t mind.).

Imagine my joy upon realizing that we were both “80’s babies” and that we both love Morrissey. It was an instant you-get-me-and-I-get-you moment, and the energy underlying our interview.

The ’80’s is also the period of Mig’s musical, “Rock of Ages,” produced by Atlantis Productions and directed by Chari Arespacochaga. 

Here’s my exclusive interview with Mig about the musical, his music, working with a Filipino cast and his pride about the Filipino in him. He may be 50% Filipino and 50% percent Australian but, man, he is definitely 100% music, artistry and energy. 

For ticket inquiries, call Atlantis Productions at (02) 892-7078. Rock n’ roll! – Rappler.com

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