Mary Christine Jolly speaks up on case against Derek Ramsay
Mary Christine Jolly speaks up on case against Derek Ramsay
The former model said that she came out to fight for the rights of her 11- year-old son with the actor

MANILA, Philippines -Three weeks after filing a case against actor Derek Ramsay, Mary Christine Jolly has spoken up on the issue.

According to a report from The Philippine Star, Friday, August 29, Mary Christine, who married the actor in 2002, said that Derek did not fulfill his obligations to their 11-year-old son. 

She said she is merely fighting for their son’s rights.

“This is not about me. This is about my son, who wants nothing more than [to] assert his rights as a child from his father,” she said.

The two met in 2001, and married in 2002 in Bulacan.

She said that she left the actor in 2002, and that when they were together, he would often come home drunk from different parties he attended, and she also said that he dated other women. She later left the apartment they were staying in and headed to Dubai to be with her parents. 

According to Mary Christine, she tried to get in touch with Derek when she found out she was pregnant, but he allegedly ignored her. She then came back to the country in 2010, which she said was the same year a paternity test was conducted. 

Mary Christine also spoke up on the paternity test that took place in 2010, where it was discovered that Derek was the father of her child.  

In the end, all Mary Christine wants is a normal life for her and their son.

“I just want to assert my rights as a mother to my kid. Derek is using his money to influence my son’s behavior. I want to live a normal life again. I just hope that the law will favor and protect us from the abuses committed against us by Derek.”

Last August 20, Derek in a statement confirmed that he was married to Mary Christine and has a son with her. However, he denied the charges against him filed by his estranged wife referring to her complaint that he violated the Violence Against Women and their Children Act. 

He also said that he only found out that the child was his in 2011.

Derek along with his lawyer Joji Alonso also filed their counter-affidavit regarding the accusations made by his estranged wife.

Mary Christine, through her lawyers, is expected to submit a reply to Derek’s counter-affidavit on September 4. – 

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