No rest for Tom Cruise
No mission is impossible for the actor who has also been dubbed "the good samaritan."

NO REST, GREAT RESULTS. Fans who've watched 'Rock of Ages' say that Tom Cruise is in his best shape yet. Screen grab from YouTube

WASHINGTON, United States of America – “No rest for the wicked,” said Mig Ayesa in an exclusive interview with RAPPLER before Atlantis Productions’ “Rock of Ages” opened last June 15.

It looks like the same goes for Ayesa’s counterpart in the movie of the same title, no less that actor, producer (and now, singer) Tom Cruise.

He’s been in the industry for 30 years, but do you think you know Tom Cruise well enough? Here are 5 facts about him, from a red carpet interview by Extra.

1) He gets no “rest.”

“It’s supposed to be in my daily schedule,” says Cruise, laughing, when asked how he finds time to rest with his more-than-hectic hectic schedule.

2) His grandparents were opera singers.

“I’ve heard that relatives of mine (are opera singers) but I never heard them sing,” says Cruise.

3) He has no tattoo.

While his character Stacee Jaxx is tattoo-laden, Cruise says, “Not for me but I like it.”

4) A scene was cut from “Rock of Ages.”

The lap dance Sherrie (Jualianne Hough) performed for Stacee Jaxx was cut from the movie, but will be in the DVD.

5) He is open to the possibility of a “Top Gun 2.”

“If we can figure out the script, it would be so much fun to shoot,” says Cruise.

As “Rock of Ages” premiered, Cruise was still filming “Oblivion” in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. When a member of the film crew figured in an accident last May, reports that Cruise had his personal jet, Gulfstream V, bring the injured man to a hospital.

Had the actor not taken action, the film crew member would have suffered spinal injury. Cruise visited the crew member in the hospital hours later.

“Oblivion” is a sci-fi thriller where Cruise co-stars with Morgan Freeman and Andrea Riseborough, set for release in 2013.

“Rock of Ages,” meanwhile, is still showing in Manila theaters. –

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