Where ‘Little Monsters’ come to play

Lady Gaga fans now have a 'place' to call home

SPACE FOR LITTLE MONSTERS. Screen grab from littlemonsters.com

WASHINGTON, United States of America – Lady Gaga’s loyal legion of fans now have cyberspace they can call home.

On July 10, Lady Gaga’s social network, LittleMonsters.com, was opened to the public after its closed beta launch in February, according to Mashable.

At first glance, the site looks like the popular photo-sharing network Pinterest but a quick tour will reveal that it’s definitely much more than that.

“Little Monsters” may vote up and down on a post, similar to Reddit.

There’s also a feature for group chats, a discussion subsection and an events page so they don’t miss out on the Mother Monster’s latest.

Much like any other social networking site, LittleMonsters.com has house rules.

The most important one? Keep the site a “safe and accepting space for everyone,” according to “The Monster Code.”

The Monster Code, or what roughly translate to the site’s “terms and conditions” is one thing that makes it unique.


According to the code, users must be “brave, kind, tolerant, original, a contributor, safe, respectful and, most importantly, themselves ” — something right up the alley of Lady Gaga’s message of acceptance.

Mashable reports that Backplane, a company founded by Lady Gaga’s Manager Troy Carter, created the site.

Backplane CEO Matt Michelsen told Mashable that the site isn’t meant to compete with other social networking sites. “We love Facebook — it’s a powerful tool,” he said, adding that LittleMonsters.com serves “a different purpose.”

The company, it turns out, creates social networks built around “specific interests, affinities and movements,” according to Mashable.

“Backplane is also developing or planning networks with Nike, Major League Baseball Player Association and reality TV producer Simon Fuller, among others,” Mashable reported.

Little Monsters, have you tried the site out? What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments section below! – Rappler.com