IN PHOTOS: A solemn farewell to Comedy King Dolphy
The country's King of Comedy Dolphy was laid to rest on Sunday, July 15, in a solemn ceremony and amid fine weather

MANILA, Philippines – The country’s King of Comedy was laid to rest on Sunday, July 15, in a solemn ceremony and amid fine weather.

Below are some images at the Heritage Park in Taguig City where Rodolfo “Dolphy” Vera Quizon Sr. as his family and friends spent last moments with him before he was buried. 

About 35,000 fans from all over the country have previously paid their last respects to the country’s most popular comedian, but were not allowed to join in the ceremonies on the final day since the family requested privacy. Dolphy’s almost 7-decade-long career brought cheer to the Philippines during its most turbulent and darkest moments.

RESTING PLACE. It is bright and sunny on the day of Dolphy's burial at this site. Around 200 chairs surround the area where family and close friends bid him their final farewell.

LAST MASS. A sea of white at an intimate mass, the last of series since Dolphy passed away on Tuesday, July 10. He was 83.

Friends, relatives await Dolphy's coffin on the path to his burial site with flowers at hand. Photo by Natashya Gutierrez

BURIAL. Dolphy's remains were encased in a glass-topped golden metal casket that he himself bought in the 1970s. It is shown here carried by pall bearers from the chapel to the nearby burial site. Photo by Natashya Gutierrez

TO THE BURIAL SITE. Pall bearers -- among them, Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim -- carry it a short distance from inside a chapel to the burial grounds. Photo by Geric Cruz

ERIC QUIZON. He (black sunglasses) stands out among the many children of Dolphy with different women for being organized and assuming leadership roles in the family. PHoto by Geric Cruz

EMOTIONAL. Many in the star-studded crowd openly wept as the casket shimmered in the afternoon. PhotEMOTIONAL. Many in the star-studded crowd openly weep despite exhortations by the priest that the late comedian wanted everyone to smile in his funeral. Photo by Geric Cruzo by Geric Cruz

SONS. Final and last viewing at the burial site is only for immediate family. First to coffin are his children. Shown here is Epi Quizon. Photo by Geric Cruz

VANDOLPH. The son of Dolphy with actress Alma Moreno weeps as he falls in line to view his father remains for the last time. Photo by Geric Cruz

FLOWERS. Family and closest friends throw flowers into Dolphy's tomb before it is sealed. Photo by Geric Cruz

ZSA ZSA. Dolphy's partner for 23 years is the only one among the mourners donned in black. Most are in white. She clung tightly to Dolphy's coffin before it was shut and placed inside a black stoned crypt. "Thank you for joining us in taking Dolphy to his final resting place," an emotional Padilla told the crowd. "I love you my lovey. Until we meet again." Photo by Geric Cruz

DOVES. They are released at the burial site. Photo by Geric Cruz