BTS releases ‘7FATES: CHAKHO’ webtoon

BTS releases ‘7FATES: CHAKHO’ webtoon

BTS. The K-pop superstar releases the webtoon '7FATES: CHAKHO'

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K-pop boy groups TXT and ENHYPEN will also be releasing their webtoons
BTS releases ‘7FATES: CHAKHO’ webtoon

MANILA, Philippines – HYBE released on Saturday, January 15, the much-awaited fantasy webtoon of BTS titled 7FATES: CHAKHO. 

Described as an urban fantasy series, 7FATES: CHAKHO is set in a city in the near future and tells the story of seven boys who are connected by their destiny. Together, the seven members overcome challenges and face trials. The story is inspired by the tiger hunters of South Korea’s Joseon Dynasty.   

A behind-the-scenes video featuring the production of 7FATES: CHAKHO was also released on Saturday. 

“It’s about catching monsters. So I’m really curious to see how three-dimensional it’ll look. I like action, too. So I’m looking forward to it,” said Jungkook. Jimin added, “I enjoy things like webtoons so I’ve become more intrigued in the plot as we’re filming.” 

BTS releases ‘7FATES: CHAKHO’ webtoon

7FATES: CHAKHO is part of HYBE’s webtoon and web novels project. Aside from BTS, K-pop boy groups TXT and ENHYPEN will also be releasing their own webtoons titled The Star Seekers and Dark Moon, respectively. 

7FATES: CHAKHO is available as a web comic on Naver Webtoon and as a web novel on Wattpad. – Rappler.com