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Derek Ramsay confirms split with Andrea Torres

Derek Ramsay confirms split with Andrea Torres

BREAKUP. Derek Ramsay confirms he and actress Andrea Torres are no longer together.

Screenshot from GMA Network's YouTube account

Derek says nobody is to blame. 'Maybe two people are just not meant to be,' the actor says.

Derek Ramsay confirmed that he and GMA actress Andrea Torres have split up after being together for a year.

On Instagram Thursday, November 19, Derek responded to a follower who said that there might be something wrong with Andrea. The commenter compared Derek and Andrea’s relationship to the one he had with his ex-girlfriend, Joanne Villablanca.

The commenter wrote, “Ano ba kayo 1 year lang sila ni Andrea samantala ‘yong past n’ya 6 years lahat bakit ganon kadali kay Andrea something is wrong with Andrea wag ‘nyo isisi kay Derek lahat ‘yong past n’ya 6 years.

(They only lasted a year while the other relationships lasted 6. Why was it this fast with Andrea? Something is wrong with her. Don’t blame him, because his past relationships lasted 6 years.)

Derek responded, saying no one was to blame.

“Please don’t point the finger at anyone. There is nothing wrong with Andrea. She is a great woman,” the actor wrote.

He also emphasized there was no third party to blame for the breakup.

“Maybe two people are just not meant to be. Please respect us na lang (Please just respect us). We shared our love to all of you. Sana naman we can keep this to ourselves (I hope we can keep this to ourselves).”

Derek added, “Mahal ko si Ada kaya ‘di ako magsasalita, pero if I hear lies about her, I will defend her.” (I love Ada so I’ve kept to myself. But if I hear lies about her, I will defend her.)

Reports of the breakup circulated after online users noticed that the two removed photos of them together from their respective social media feeds. The breakup also surprised their fans, since they were featured as one of the couples in their network GMA’s newest Christmas station ID.

Derek and Andrea worked together on the show The Better Woman. The two confirmed their relationship in September 2019.

Derek had told Pep that they already connected with each other when they shot GMA’s 2019 summer station ID.

“We just connected, we were just talking about being actorswe did not see that we had a connection, and then something formed,” Derek said in a mix of English and Filipino.

The two had also been vocal in previous interviews that they were ready to take their relationship to the next level. They even have a YouTube channel together.

Andrea has yet to speak up about the breakup. – Rappler.com