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‘Hindi naman ako affected’: 6 iconic clapbacks by President Nadine Lustre

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‘Hindi naman ako affected’: 6 iconic clapbacks by President Nadine Lustre
Recently, the actress made waves on social media for calling out netizens who claimed that her boyfriend was cheating on her

Gone are the days when celebrities were expected to keep mum on all the unsolicited hate they receive. Now, stars aren’t afraid (and rightfully so!) to criticize those who perpetuate fake stories and create unnecessary drama about them. 

One local celebrity known for slamming haters and asserting boundaries with her fans is Nadine Lustre. 

Recently, the actress made waves on social media for calling out netizens who claimed that her boyfriend, businessman Christopher Bariou, was cheating on her.

“Stop acting like you’re concerned. You’re just another hater [trying to] create drama,” she responded. 

Nadine also berated these internet users for putting malice in her partner’s friendships, adding that she also has friends with the opposite sex. 

“How rude and offensive. Lagi ko ding kasama ‘yung mga guy friends ko recently, but that doesn’t mean I’m cheating. ‘Di ba siya pwedeng magka-friends na girls? ‘Di ko kaya ‘yung backwards mentality mo ‘teh,” she wrote. 

(I’m also often with my guy friends recently but that doesn’t mean I’m cheating. Is my partner not allowed to have friends who are girls? I can’t stomach how backward your mentality is.)

She also echoed the sentiment of normalizing friendships between the opposite sex in a post on X (formerly Twitter).

Nadine then went on to further chastise netizens, who she said called her tanga (stupid) in their private conversations just because “they think they can live [her] life better than [she] can.” 

“[They’re] the same people that send chismis (fake news) to others,” she continued. And as for those who believe these stories, Nadine said she won’t give their “self-righteous and condescending” lectures the time of day.

“It’s toxic AF,” she wrote, before giving a shout out to her fans who don’t let this negativity rattle them. 

“Grateful the real ones never engage with their [bullshit], [to be honest.]” 

But this isn’t the first time that Nadine has given netizens a reality check. Throughout the years, the actress has been known as one not to back down on matters that involve her.

We’ve rounded up a list of some of the actress’ remarkable clapbacks here: 

‘Come on guys, it’s 2017’

One of Nadine’s most iconic comments came in 2017, when she reacted to rumors that she and her then-boyfriend James Reid were living together. Given the country’s conservative nature, the fact that the two were sharing the same roof had raised some eyebrows.

In an ambush interview with ABS-CBN News, she fired back: “I mean, if that was true, so what? It’s not new anymore. There are younger couples – mas young pa sa akin (who are younger than I am [who are living together]). It’s normal na e. Come on, guys, it’s 2017.” 

Her “Come on guys, it’s 2017” line specifically birthed several memes, with Nadine even giving in to the trend. Every year, she updated the line, with the most recent edition being: “2023 na, amaccana accla (It’s 2023, stop it).” 

On December 30, 2021, the actress also shared a New Year’s resolution to her followers about only having “proper conversations” with people who don’t belittle others. 

“This 2022, avoid arguing with people who resort to [calling you] bobo (stupid), tanga (idiot), or block [you] in a [conversation]. Let’s be civilized and have proper conversations like human beings,” she said. 

“2022 na, asal imburnal pa rin (It’s already 2022, but you still act like from the sewer).” 

Hindi naman ako affected’

As a follow-up to the live-in issue, Nadine was then again asked in 2017 about the public’s mixed reaction to her statements. 

Normal naman ‘yun na hindi mo ma-pi-please lahat. And as for me, hindi naman ako nagfi-filter ng mga isasagot ko kasi bakit ako magsisinungaling ‘di ba? Hindi naman lahat a-agree sa sagot mo, hindi naman lahat magiging negative ‘din,” she said, according to a Push article. Tuloy pa rin naman ‘yung buhay. Hindi naman ako affected.” 

(It’s normal that you can’t please everybody. And as for me, I don’t filter what I say, because why would I lie, right? Not everyone will agree with what I say, but not everything I say will be taken negatively, either. Life goes on. This doesn’t affect me.)

‘I still bite sometimes…. Still a bitch, I just don’t have time’

Unfortunately, haters will continue to hate and they’ll find even the most mundane things to pick on. In April 2021, allegations circulated online that a dance crew with whom Nadine collaborated were making snide remarks on one of her TikTok videos.

While the actress didn’t mention any individual involved in the issue, she seemed to have responded to it by saying that despite the criticisms, the said video still went viral. 

“[By the way], 4.7 [million] likes. I couldn’t care less if it was people shitting on me. It gave good analytics or views,” she wrote. 

Nadine also thanked her supporters who came to her defense, saying that they “can chill now” as they no longer need to protect her.

“Grateful for all of you,” she said. 

The incident then prompted Nadine to open up about her mental fortitude, saying that she’s “become bullet proof” after having been used to being bullied since she was younger. The actress continued that she’s more concerned for those who don’t have the “same mental and emotional load” as her given that people are “always so thirsty to shit on someone.” 

When asked why she was nice about the situation, Nadine shared that being unkind takes a lot more time and effort, and she’d rather deal with other things instead. 

But while she might have let this certain incident pass, the actress reminds her followers that she still knows when to push back. “I still bite sometimes,” she wrote. “Still a [bitch]. I just don’t have time.”

‘I’m not 10’

In September 2022, the Greed actress once again reminded her followers to stop meddling in her personal life, reiterating that she’s an adult who’s capable of making her own decisions. 

“[People are] commenting instructions and tagging my friends or [boyfriend] on my [Instagram.] Stop telling them to tell me what to do. I’m not 10,” Nadine said. 

At least, ‘di kasing dumi ng ugali mo’ 

Even someone as gorgeous as Nadine gets hate for her physical appearance. And in October 2022, the actress had had enough of strangers giving unsolicited comments about her body. 

“I find it so weird when people say I’ve changed and I look older,” she wrote. “What? Were you expecting me to be the same person when I was 21? I’m turning 29 next week,” she wrote. 

She also didn’t let a body-shaming netizen off the hook. The latter’s now-deleted tweet had read: “[Girl], ang dumi at dry kasi ng balat mo, [kaya] mukha kang matanda (Girl, your skin looks dirty and dry. That’s why you look old).

Nadine’s savage response read: “At least, ‘di kasing dumi ng ugali mo (At least, it’s not as dirty as your manners).  

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