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Kris Aquino gives health update after recovering from COVID-19

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Kris Aquino gives health update after recovering from COVID-19

KRIS AQUINO. The celebrity receives treatment for her autoimmune diseases.

Screenshot from Kris Aquino's Instagram

Kris is currently receiving treatment for her autoimmune diseases in the United States

MANILA, Philippines – Kris Aquino gave another health update on Instagram on Thursday, June 30, sharing that she has recovered from COVID-19 as she receives treatment for her autoimmune diseases in the United States.

In the post, Kris shared clips and photos of her undergoing various procedures, before sharing an open letter she wrote to her late brother former president Noynoy Aquino.

In the letter, she shared that she had reacted badly to a corticosteroid challenge – a medically-supervised test to see whether a patient can handle certain medications.

Kris said she had been administered “such a baby dose,” and initially her blood pressure didn’t rise significantly, but hours later, “everything the steroid should help – like make antihistamines work better, lessen pain and inflammation; the opposite happened to me.”

“First the hives started multiplying, then my body started to hurt all over – normally my pain tolerance is impressive but this time bunso started sobbing. Then of course my BP (blood pressure) went haywire,” she said.

She also said that she had to be sedated from May 7 to 11 “because my pain was too hard to endure.”

Sharing “good news” first, Kris said that she was screened for genes that could predispose her to cancers, and it all came out negative. She also said that her kidney and liver were still functioning as normal.

She said that she had tried medication for three autoimmune diseases that she had been confirmed with: autoimmune thyroiditis, chronic spontaneous urticaria, and the ultra-rare disease Eosinophilic Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis (EGPA).

“We came here for me to try MEPOLIZUMAB – not yet FDA-approved in Singapore nor the Philippines. For a patient to get the full effect you need 300 mg every month,” she said.

“Less than two days after my first 300 mg dose was given – this worst of the worst vascular and urticarial flare started – it was almost a week before I somehow semi-recovered. I was the allergy clinic’s first ever patient to react that way,” she said.

She also tried Cromolyn, a treatment that was supposed to help reintroduce food into her system.

Kris then shared that Josh had tested positive for COVID-19, and even after isolating him, she and Bimb tested positive days later.

“Since this was already your death anniversary, somehow I felt reassured knowing that the three of us would get through this new ordeal especially because you would never allow us to have a death date so close to yours…I even joked with you – I said, Noy you are super BIDA now because you’re the only one with mom and dad – if I die Bunso will of course get the majority of their attention and for sure you won’t like that. Then I said seriously Noy, help me please – these two only have me…please help me survive this, PLEASE?” she wrote.

“I want the privacy you had but unlike you who was never active on social media, I need to say goodbye properly because so many have reached out to me, prayed for me and my sons, and regardless of their political affiliation they have prayed for me to get better,” she said.

Kris said she was now “totally COVID-free.” She shared that she needs to continue her medication for chronic spontaneous urticaria, and rest for two to three weeks to strengthen her immunity before trying a new drug.

“Noy, bunso has only one road left open to her…sadly for Kuya and Bimb because ultimately my two are the victims – I need to try Rituxan. To spare everyone from having to Google and for all to understand why I’m now choosing to say GOODBYE for NOW, RITUXAN is an immunosuppressant, in straightforward language, it is CHEMOTHERAPY but also used for some complicated autoimmune cases, like mine,” she said.

She explained that other patients on Rituxan complete their cycle of medication in one month with one infusion of it weekly, but Kris’ doctors want to take it slower with her and give her half an infusion every week.

“So what others will finish in four weeks I shall hopefully finish in eight weeks, barring any complications. Then I REST for four to five months and do another cycle or switch to another type of chemo. Only after the eight to 10 weeks after my first cycle can they test to see if my numbers somewhat improved,” she said.

It would be, as she said, “a test of fortitude and endurance.” 

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“From the time I was barely 15, what you saw was what it was, that’s why in saying my goodbye for now, at 51 years old – it was my choice to address as many issues about my health as I could while allowing myself some privacy by not saying where we’ll be going, because that decision will be made after we are totally COVID-free, and my attending physician here in Houston can help me choose the hospital, team of doctors, and proximity to friends of family (meaing a solid support system) that will best suit my needs,” she said.

Ngayon alam niyo na (now you know) through my open letter to Noy – what Kuya Josh, Bimb, and I must face in the next year and a half…please know that I remain THANKFUL for all the concern and prayers you have sent our way BUT during very difficult times, I want to just keep the suffering to myself with only family and trusted friends kept informed on a ‘need to know basis’ because everyone else is also going through their own personal trials,” she said. 

Kris left for the United States in early June to receive treatment for EGPA, which causes inflammation of the blood vessels resulting in the restriction of blood flow and causing organ damage if left untreated.

In 2018, she revealed that she had an autoimmune disease, for which she underwent medical testing and treatment. –

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