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‘Officially American’: BB Gandanghari gets US citizenship
‘Officially American’: BB Gandanghari gets US citizenship

BB GANDANGHARI. The actress obtains her US citizenship.

BB Gandanghari's Instagram

'Made in USA…the next chapter!' BB Gandanghari says in an Instagram post announcing her newly-acquired US citizenship

MANILA, Philippines – BB Gandanghari is now “officially American.”

The actress posted a video on Instagram in late April, showing the US flag, along with a piece of paper that read, “Congratulations on becoming a US citizen.”

In the caption she wrote: “#MovingOn: officially American…Made in USA…the next chapter!!”

In another video, BB is seen crossing the street while waving the American flag. “#AmericanDream: world is changing…and so am I,” she said. 

She also later posted a video of her reading out the United States Oath of Allegiance.

BB rose to fame in the Philippines as actor Rustom Padilla. She came out as a transgender woman in 2009.

She has been living in the US, where she has been working as an accountant. She also had her name and gender changed there in 2016. –