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[WATCH] Rappler Live Jam: VXON
[WATCH] Rappler Live Jam: VXON
See the vision as C13, Sam, Franz, Vince, and Patrick light up the Live Jam stage!

MANILA, Philippines – Can you see the vision? Five-member P-pop boy group VXON is set to light the Rappler Live Jam stage on fiyaah for the first time ever on Thursday, January 11!

Pronounced “vision,” VXON is Cornerstone Entertainment’s first-ever P-pop boy group. Made up of members C13, Sam, Franz, Vince, and Patrick, the group debuted on January 7, 2022 with the hip-hop single “The Beast.”

Two years after its debut, VXON will be performing their tracks “Sandal,” “Breaking Bad,” and “Lisan” for their beloved VIXIEs live from the Rappler HQ!

“Sandal,” which was just released in September 2023, harmoniously fuses the smooth rhythm of catchy rap bars, funky synths, and captivating vocals to make for a vibe perfect for a night out.

The track also signals the P-pop boy group’s first foray into this new sound, proving that they can take on any genre thrown their way. One thing’s for sure, then: VXON isn’t dubbed “The Monsters of P-pop” for nothing.

Make sure to catch VXON on Rappler Live Jam on Thursday, January 11 at 8 pm. Bookmark this page or head over to! –

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