8 great things about ‘The Greatest Showman’

Jill Tan Radovan

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8 great things about ‘The Greatest Showman’
Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron star in a movie inspired by the founder of the Barnum’s American Museum and the Barnum and Bailey Circus

A visual and musical spectacle, The Greatest Showman is a film inspired by the life of one of America’s most iconic impresarios. It is however, not a biopic, and artistic license has been maximized to ensure that there are sufficient twists and turns to keep viewers interested and entertained. Despite being criticized for its lack of accuracy in presenting events that happened in real life, the film is ultimately a crowd-pleaser.

There are many things to love about The Greatest Showman, and here are some of them.


  1. The legend that inspired the film. The film is inspired by the story of the legendary and ambitious Phineas Taylor Barnum, an American showman, businessman, sometime politician, and philanthropist best remembered for founding the Barnum’s American Museum and the Barnum and Bailey Circus, and for promoting human curiosities and hoaxes as the featured performers of his show.


The film’s rich cultural backdrop. The story is set in the 1870s, in post-Civil War America, and portrayed the busy yet glamorous world of mass entertainment and fame in New York. The Greatest Showman is a resplendent period flick, complete with old-timey architecture and costumes. Production value: 100 percent.

  1. The interesting troupe of human curiosities. The Dog-Faced Boy. Lettie Lutz, the bearded woman with a golden voice. General Tom Thumb. Prince Constantine, who had tattoos all over his face. The Irish Giant. These are just a few of the unusual personalities you’ll meet while watching the film.

  1. Zac Efron all grown up, and singing again – finally! Zac Efron rose to fame for playing jock-turned-thespian Troy Bolton in High School Musical and somehow, it’s hard to disassociate him from that role even if he’s played many other roles after.

GROWN UP. Zac Efron showcases his singing talent once again in the movie

As Phillip Carlyle in The Greatest Showman, Efron puts his vocal chords and dancing shoes to good use once again and gives us new songs to remember him by.

  1. That beautiful soundtrack. There are quite a few memorable songs that are part f the soundtrack, such as “This Is Me,” “Never Enough,” and “A Million Dreams.” “This Is Me” won a Golden Globe for Best Original Song in 2017, and was nominated in the Academy Awards as well.

  1. The spectacular production numbers. Having a full roster of memorable songs as part of a soundtrack is one thing, but being able to bring these songs to life through stellar performances is another.

Here are some numbers to look forward to: Efron and Hugh Jackman singing and dancing to “The Other Side,” which couldn’t be more entertaining; Zendaya and Efron’s duet of “Rewrite the Stars” while suspended in mid-air, so romantic and brimming with chemistry; and Jackman, Efron, Zendaya and Keala Seattle’s performance of “The Greatest Show,” which is so empowering, it makes you want to just go for that lifelong dream.

IN THE AIR. Zendaya and Zac Efron have a duet in the movie

  1. Lessons on human struggle, the human spirit and humanity, as well as nuggets of inspiration strewn throughout the film. The film depicts the struggles P.T. Barnum and his team of oddities went through, and how they were able to overcome adversity to claim their place in society at a time when the peculiar were frowned upon and discrimination was considered normal. There is a lot to learn in the stories of Barnum, Carlyle, and their troupe. The film is inspiring and overflowing with life lessons.

  1. Hugh Jackman—one great showman. Best remembered for playing Wolverine in a handful of X-men and Marvel films, some people easily forget that Hugh Jackman is a total performer, first and foremost. The Tony Award-winning actor is also an immensely talented singer and dancer, and can take on a plethora of roles on stage and on film.

FAMILY. Hugh Jackman and Michelle Williams in a scene from 'The Greatest Showman'

The Greatest Showman reminds us that there’s more to Mr. Jackman than those sinewy arms, that menacing growl, and the fear-inducing conviction that he can tear us to shreds if he wants to.

The Greatest Showman hits cinemas nationwide on January 31. – Rappler.com

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