IN PHOTOS: 10 dazzling moments from Madonna’s ‘Rebel Heart’ Manila concert, day 2

Nicole Reyes
IN PHOTOS: 10 dazzling moments from Madonna’s ‘Rebel Heart’ Manila concert, day 2
The Queen of Pop wows the Filipino fans once again with another 'Rebel Heart' show, and drops a few special surprises.

MANILA, Philippines – On February 25, Thursday at the SM Mall of Asia Arena, Madonna’s fans in Manila were treated to a second day of the Queen of Pop’s Rebel Heart Tour.

The show was full of both surprises and grandeur from the iconic superstar, who put on a show that was visually dazzling, memorable, and full of energy as only Her Madgesty can pull off. 

Here are 10 moments when Madonna delighted, shocked, and impressed her fans on day 2 of her Rebel Heart Manila concert.

1. When she arrived on stage in a cage because a simple entrance wouldn’t do

With all the anticipation built up inside the arena, the crowd exploded with excitement as Madonna was lowered in a glittering cage performing “Iconic,” to open the show and set the tone for the rest of the night.

2. When she sang ‘Crazy For You’ as a treat to her Filipino fans on the 30th anniversary of the People Power Revolution

Deviating from the expected set list, Madonna acknowledged the momentous occasion being commemorated on February 25 in Manila.

“30 years ago today something very important happened here in the Philippines,” she said. “You fought for your freedom. Am I correct?”

She then proceeded to sing crowd favorite “Crazy for You,” naturally prompting the audience to sing passionately along. “That is the revolution of love,” she went on to say. “And that is what the rebel heart fights for.”


3. When she threw a bouquet of flowers into the audience and it was caught by a lucky fan

After performing “Material Girl,” in which she dressed herself in a giant white lace veil, Madonna honored a widely popular wedding tradition and threw a bouquet of white flowers into the audience.

It was caught by a lucky female fan, who the Queen of Pop then prompted to smell the bouquet – suggestively comparing the flowers to her lady parts. Classic Madonna.

4. When she brought another lucky fan on stage and gave her a banana as a ‘prize’

At the tail end of the show, Madonna brought up another lucky female fan onstage during her performance of “Unapologetic Bitch.”

Dressed in a flapper tuxedo to “[channel her] inner Madonna”, the fan who introduced herself as Pat got to spend some time and dance with the Queen of Pop, and took home a banana as her “prize.”


The previous night, Madonna plucked a lucky fan, stylist Shahani Gania, from the crowd. Read about that here. 

5. When she played the electric guitar and commanded respect only the way she could

During her performance of “Burning Up,” Madonna stood in the middle of the stage with an electric guitar and thigh-high boots, oozing with attitude and charisma that lit up the atmosphere in the arena.

6. When she said ‘wardrobe instructor’ by mistake

With Madonna being her delightfully frank self, she took time after her performance of “Music” to tell the audience how she really felt. 

“I think I’m getting fat,” she said, to the reassuring “no’s” of the crowd. “I said that to my wardrobe instructor.”

Probably meaning to say her “workout instructor”, Madonna was quick to joke that she was tired, and contradicted herself by proceeding with the rest of the show with no less vigor. 


7. When her dancers started flying all over the stage 

Even during short intermissions in which the audience was left alone with the dancers and visuals on stage, there were no dull moments at Day 2 of the Rebel Heart Tour.

The crowd went wild when several of Madonna’s team stood on stage on flexible poles, spinning, swinging, and jumping around to the tune of “Illuminati” and treating viewers to a veritable circus. 

8. When she sang her rendition of ‘La Vie en Rose’ and proved that more than the flashy props and dazzling costumes, she is still made of pure talent

In one of the quieter moments of the show, Madonna sat down on stage with an acoustic guitar and rendered a heartfelt version of “La Vie en Rose,” showcasing her beautiful voice. 

9. When she performed ‘Lucky Star’ and ‘Dress You Up,’ and there was pretty much a fiesta on stage

Dressed in festive clothing and with moves reminiscent of the flamenco, Madonna and her dancers partied on stage to “Lucky Star” and “Dress You Up,” bringing the crowd’s already high energy to even greater levels. 


10. When she sang Holiday for her encore and all the titas and titos at heart basically went wild

Madonna ended the show with the classic and spunky “Holiday,” at the end of which the Queen of Pop danced with a Philippine flag draped over her.

Check out some more photos from the show:

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