LISTEN: Frankie Pangilinan’s ‘unapologetically genuine’ debut song ‘TYL’
LISTEN: Frankie Pangilinan’s ‘unapologetically genuine’ debut song ‘TYL’
'TYL' is produced by Ely Buendia

MANILA, Philippines — Frankie Pangilinan, daughter of senator Kiko Pangilinan and actress Sharon Cuneta will be leaving soon for college. But before that, she released her debut song “TYL,” which she wrote. The song was produced by music icon Ely Buendia, best known as the frontman of Eraserheads.

“This man has been my absolute hero for years now. I know pretty much every Eraserheads song by heart (Cutterpillow is and always will be my favorite album maybe tied with Circus right now that I’ve had that on repeat for a while again), and when I heard there was a chance I might work with him i burst into tears of joy. I never ever thought that i’d get the privilege of working with someone I’ve looked up to for so long (I don’t think he knows how much I love him. To be honest I was a nervous wreck in the studio and was shaking the whole time I didn’t think I’d be able to sing),” Frankie wrote in an Instagram post.

“I wrote ‘TYL’ sometime last year, and though the finished sound is not something i ever thought I’d delve into, only Ely Buendia could ever convince me to go that far out of my comfort zone and do something different. The original was slower, rawer, and he brought out this power in it that I can’t quite explain. It sounds so unapologetically genuine and I’m beyond excited for you to hear it.”



Sharon said in a separate Instagram post that Ely didn’t just produce the song – he also played guitar for it. The song is now available on Spotify.

Frankie, who turned 18 last December, recently graduated and will be off to college in the US soon. 



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