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LISTEN: Ben&Ben collaborates with Taiwanese pop star WeiBird on ‘Cheap Love’

LISTEN: Ben&Ben collaborates with Taiwanese pop star WeiBird on ‘Cheap Love’

COLLABORATION. WeiBird and Ben&Ben release a new single, 'Cheap Love.'

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This is Ben&Ben's second international collaboration

Following the success of their sophomore album Pebble House, Vol 1: Kuwaderno, Ben&Ben has hit another milestone – an international collaboration with Taiwanese singer-songwriter WeiBird.

Their single, “Cheap Love,” was released on Friday, October 15. The pared-down track was written by WeiBird, who said that the song is about the kind of love that is “a temporary band-aid for a big gushing wound, but it never fills the hole inside.”

“Moreover, it increases the feeling of emptiness. What I’m trying to say is, you can’t bargain your way into love. Love is truly hard to find,” he said.

Ben&Ben’s Paolo and Miguel Guico provided vocal harmonies for the song, and the band pitched in ideas for the song’s arrangement.

“We’re grateful that by just being our authentic selves musically, we were able to add to the song both in production, vocals, and instrumentation, something that WeiBird seemed to be happy with,” Ben&Ben said. “We took an active role in building on the magic that the song already had, and we’re happy with how it turned out.”

“I wrote, played, and produced the whole song on the album version. However, for this collab, I haven’t had to do much because Ben&Ben was amazing. I remember listening to a demo of them playing along to my original track, and I could already imagine how it would come to be later. And the final results were not far from my imagination. It was awesome,” WeiBird added.

“Cheap Love” is the first single of WeiBird’s first English album – a follow up to his fifth studio album Sounds of My Life.

It is Ben&Ben’s second international collab, following the reinterpreted version of “Leaves” featuring K-pop star Young K.

Listen to “Cheap Love” here: