Love going to concerts? Here are essentials to gift to yourself and your stan friends

Love going to concerts? Here are essentials to gift to yourself and your stan friends
Here's the stuff you should bring to maximize the concert experience

After a two-year lull (and just mainly online shows), the live concert scene in the Philippines has successfully made a comeback in 2022 – and wow, was it eventful. From rising soloists, homegrown bands, K-pop groups, to western singers, concert junkies had their fill. 

Even if you weren’t lucky enough to see your favorite local artist or international musician this year, don’t fret, because 2023’s already looking loaded. And while some might say it’s too early, trust us – now’s the best time to prepare for your next concert. 

So if you’re a self-confessed concert junkie, or you have a relative or friend that’s in their fangirl and fanboy era, here are some essentials that you can get as a present this holiday season. 


If it’s your first time going to a concert, choosing the right bag can get pretty tricky. Not only do you need one that will match your well-thought-out concert OOTDs, it should also be practical and functional. 

It’s easy to get carried away in the moment if you’re hyped for the show, but pickpockets don’t spare anyone – especially those who leave their belongings unguarded. So make sure that your bags are durable and easy to carry, too. 

Concert venues also have different specifications on the sizes of the bags that they’ll allow so better to do your research, too. Some are also implementing a clear bag policy, meaning that attendees are only allowed to bring transparent, vinyl bags.  

In terms of being hassle-free throughout the show, you can consider using a fanny pack or a cross-body bag so it won’t hold you down when you’re dancing and jumping around. 

Power bank

A fully-charged phone is a must for any concert experience. After all, you need enough battery to be able to access your mobile ticket, contact your fellow concertgoers, record your favorite performance, and book a ride home. So make sure to bring a portable charger and trusted (fully-charged) power bank, too. 

There are several options in the market that vary in sizes and designs, and lucky for some K-pop fans, several groups have also included power banks as their official merchandise! Not only are they functional, but they look aesthetically pleasing, too!

Love going to concerts? Here are essentials to gift to yourself and your stan friends
Wallet/card holders

Online and card transactions are more prevalent now, but it’s still better to always carry some cash when attending a concert. Note that not all stalls inside the concert venues accept cards, or sometimes, there might not be a stable internet connection for you to access your online banks. 

Your wallet should be compact, secure, and small enough to not take up too much space in your bag – especially since your bag is already small to begin with. 

Attendees should also not forget to bring their physical concert tickets, IDs, and vaccination cards so that they’ll be allowed entry inside the venues. Make sure to store them properly as it could pose a problem for you if they’re ruined or organizers deem that they’ve been tampered with. 

You can always go for nondescript card holders that are available in department stores, but if you’re looking for a bit of flair, you can also use toploaders to store your tickets and cards. They’re safe and provide easy access. 

Portable fans

It’s no secret that it can get hot and stuffy inside a concert venue, or even when you’re queuing up to go inside, so better to carry around hand fans or portable rechargeable fans. 

Love going to concerts? Here are essentials to gift to yourself and your stan friends
Emergency kit

Concerts are supposed to be a good time, but we know that the whole experience can be overwhelming for others sometimes. 

Better to bring some pain relief patches, inhalers, vitamins, and medicines and just regularly assess yourself if you still feel okay during the duration of the whole show. Make sure to bring extra face masks, too, and sanitizers! 

Lightsticks and extra batteries

While it’s the K-pop groups that often have lightsticks, there are already several local artists (SB19, Ben&Ben, BGYO, and even Sharon Cuneta!) who’ve adopted this merchandise. 

If you have your favorite artist’s lightstick, now is the time to bring it. There’s just something about being part of the crowd while waving your lightstick as it changes to different colors while your favorite group is performing. 

Love going to concerts? Here are essentials to gift to yourself and your stan friends
Clothes and accessories

Of course, concert preparation won’t be complete with a fit check! 

It’s not everyday that you’d get to see your favorite artists live so it’s really understandable that you’d go all out for it. But while we want to be stylish, don’t also forget to put high regard in your comfort, especially if the concert will be an outdoor or all-standing event. 

There are several shops that have clothing collections that are inspired by songs or artists, so you could see if it’s up to your liking. Or if you want a more subtle route, you can go with some cute accessories, instead! 

So whether you or your friend have already secured concert tickets or not, we hope that you’ve found a thing or two on this list that could help make your concert experience more special!  –

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