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LISTEN: Darren Espanto is all grown-up in new single, ‘Tama Na’

LISTEN: Darren Espanto is all grown-up in new single, ‘Tama Na’

DARREN ESPANTO. The singer releases a new single.

Photo courtesy of MCA Music

The artist blends his pop roots with hip-hop and R&B in this song from his upcoming album

Darren Espanto marked a new era in his career with a new single, “Tama Na,” released on Friday, May 28.

In the track, the 20-year-old singer sings about walking away from a one-way relationship that has gone nowhere. It blends Darren’s pop roots with hip-hop and R&B sensibilities, and the electronic beats highlights Darren’s signature soulful vocals.

The song is a collaboration between Darren and fellow artist Zack Tabudlo who wrote, produced, and mixed it.

Darren, who is a fan of Zack’s music, shared that it had always been the plan for them to work together.

“Last year, Zack told me how he became part of the MCA family and we thought that finally, this would be our chance to work together. In just a couple days, Zack created ‘Tama Na’ and I really liked the song instantly. It’s a sound that people haven’t heard from me before and it’s also a genre I’ve always wanted to try,” he said.

The two worked together via Zoom, with Zack guiding Darren through the recording process online.

“It was honestly such a chill session, mostly because a lot of it was us just talking about random things that aren’t even related to the song,” Darren said.

The song is off Darren’s upcoming album. It will be released in a music video format soon, and is currently out on streaming platforms. It’s release also comes as Darren prepares for a virtual concert, set to stream live on KTX on June 19.

Listen to “Tama Na” here: