Red Velvet’s Wendy drops teaser for solo album

Red Velvet’s Wendy drops teaser for solo album

Red Velvet's Wnedy is now ready for her solo debut

Photo from Wendy Shon's official Instagram account

Wendy is the first Red Velvet member to release a solo project

SM Entertainment released details for the solo debut of Red Velvet’s main vocalist, Wendy Shon, on Wednesday, March 24. 

Wendy posted the teaser for her mini-album Like Water on her Instagram. The upcoming album, which contains five tracks, will be released on April 5, with pre-orders starting from March 24.

According to Red Velvet’s official Twitter account, Like Water will feature double title tracks with ‘When This Rain Stops’ as the album’s first song.


Prior to her solo debut, Wendy also took part in several original soundtrack projects for Korean dramas like The Beauty Inside, Uncontrollably Fond and Start Up. 

Wendy went on hiatus following a stage rehearsal accident in December 2019. She returned to doing promotional activities in August 2020. 

Since their debut in 2014, Red Velvet has released numerous hits like “Red Flavor”, “Power Up” and “Psycho.” – Rappler.com