WATCH: Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez discusses ‘nightmare’ Miss Universe moment
WATCH: Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez discusses ‘nightmare’ Miss Universe moment
'I cast you into a spotlight or place that I never intended to, that I would not want to happen to anybody. I just want to say how sorry I am," Steve tells Ariadna. This, following the Miss Universe mix-up seen around the world

MANILA, Philippines – After his interview with Miss Unvierse 2015 Pia Wurtzbach, Steve Harvey came face-to-face with Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez during the second part of “Miss Universe: The Truth” on The Steve Harvey Show. 

The special two-part episode aired Tuesday, January 19 (Wednesday, January 20 in Manila).

They began the interview with a big hug:


During the interview, Steve began by telling Ariadna that he did not mean to put her in an embarrassing situation.

“You’re the one person I really wanted to talk to because of the mistake that I made. I cast you into a spotlight, a place that I never intended to, that I would not want to happen to anybody. I just want to say how sorry I am. I’m beyond sorry for what happened that night, and that it was you,” Steve said.

Ariadna, who hugged him, said it took a while before she was able to move on from the controversy.

“It was like a nightmare. And I was watching the videos and I couldn’t believe that happened to me, so I needed time to be with my family, like to calm down and think about what I’m going to say now, what I’m going to do now. I’ve already moved on. You know, this is our destiny, that’s why we are here,” she said.


Ariadna joked that Steve kept making mistakes, because he also pronounced her name wrong. Steve replied, saying that he was just reading from the spiels given to him.

Ariadna also addressed the incidents of Colombians burning effigies of Steve and Pia during New Year’s Eve. Videos and photos of Colombians practicing año viejo (old year), a tradition in Latin American countries that wards off bad luck, went viral. Ariadna said that she wasn’t happy about the news. (READ: Colombians burn Pia Wurtzbach, Steve Harvey effigies to ring in 2016)

“I don’t feel proud about that. Because Colombians are not like that, you know. But we have to understand that people got angry because they felt like they were robbed of the crown. After winning Miss Universe after 57 years, and you have the chance to go for a back-to-back, it was so exciting and everyone was expecting that,” said Ariadna, referring to Miss Universe 2014 Paulina Vega, who was from Colombia. “So, people felt bad in Colombia and in the Latin community, they feel humiliated.”


Ariadna then said that it was harsh to watch the coronation night mix-up, and apologized for how Colombians have reacted since then. 

For Steve, the interviews with Ariadna and Pia gave him the chance to finally put the issue behind him.

“I wanted you to understand sincerely from me, from my heart, how I am as a person – that I would never do that for a publicity stunt, that I would never do that to hurt a woman. I’ve been a champion for women for so long, I’m not just that way.

“It’s tough, but no matter how tough that was for me, I cannot even begin to imagine, what that was like for you. I felt horrible about that. And I just want to say how sorry I am for that moment for you,” he said. 

Ariadna said that she has yet to see Pia, but hopes they will get together very soon and put a rest to the exchange of hurtful words most especially fans in social media. 

“I understand the Philippines you know. Pia is the Miss Universe, Pia is the winner but it’s unfair when you see someone who is like, feeling sad and being through a difficult moment, and making fun of that, you know. 

“I think that in Colombia needs to stop bashing Pia and the Philippines needs to stop bashing mem and bashing you, and everyone,” she said.

“Look at her, she’s beautiful with the crown, she’s Miss Universe,” added Ariadna about Pia. 

When asked about Donald Trump’s comment that she and Pia should have shared the crown, Ariadna said: “I already shared the crown you know,” which got the audience laughing. 

Despite the controversy, Ariadna had nothing but positive words for the Miss Universe organization and that she was informed they might do something together in the future. She is grateful for the 3 weeks that she had in Las Vegas. 

“You know, it was the worst night of my life but at the same time, it was the best one. It was my dream come true. I have a picture with a crown and the Miss Universe sash,” she said. 

Ariadna said that at the beginning she asked why this had to happen to her – but now, she is beginning to understand everything.

“Everything happens for a reason and the reason is that maybe I’m going to be bigger than just Miss Universe and spread a message for young girls…, I’m a role model now for my country,” she said.

Ariadna also clarified issues that she was going to sue Steve, saying it was not true, though she did say she was approached by lawyers. 


And when Steve asked how she felt about how he handled the situation, she said: “You have to learn how to read cards because it was on the card.”


“You wanted me to win,” Ariadna joked.

Steve later shared that he and his family have received death threats. He asked if Ariadna had already forgiven him. 

“I already forgive you,” she said.

On the 2015 Miss Universe coronation night on December 20, host Steve Harvey mistakenly announced that Ariadna won the title. He later apologized, said that she was the first runner-up, and that Miss Philippines Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach was the winner.

Last January 4, Steve spoke up for the very first time about the incident, saying he tried to reach out ot Ariadna after mistake, but never got any response.

In a previous interview, Ariadna said that she felt humiliated about the situation, but has learned to moved on. – 

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