LOOK: Mak Tumang unveils Catriona Gray’s 3rd gown for Miss Universe

The 'Perla Oriente' or Pearl of the Orient is a tribute to the Philippines' pearl of the orient tag

PEARLA ORIENTE. Fashion designer Mak Tumang shares another photo of Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray in a third gown known as 'Pearla Oriente.' All photos from Facebook/Mak Tumang

MANILA, Philippines – Fashion designer Mak Tumang released on Wednesday, December 26 another photo of an evening gown Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray could have worn during the pageant.

The gown, known as “Perla Oriente” or Pearl of the Orient Seas, is made of blue green and gold material.

“Pearl of the Orient Seas is the byname given to our beautiful country, the Philippines. Even our National Hero Dr. Jose Rizal referred the country with this sobriquet in his poem: ‘Mi Ultimo Adiós’. Aside from the fact that our country is one of the largest producers of pearls, the Philippines is truly a gem! It is beautiful, enchanting and captivating. Indeed a high value and rare pearl!” he wrote on Facebook.

“This piece in itself is an extolment of the Philippines. May we always be proud of our roots. May we always treasure and cherish it as this is and will always be our ‘Bayang Magiliw…Perlas ng Silanganan.‘”

The gown was apparently another option for Catriona to wear during one of the activities during the pageant.




Tumang previously shared 4 other sketches of the evening gowns he worked together with the Filipino-Australian titleholder.

Catriona went on to wear two of his other creations – an orange colored gown known as “Ibong Adarna” and the “Mayon” gown, inspired by the volcano in Albay. – Rappler.com