FULL LIST: Miss World Philippines 2019 winners

FULL LIST: Miss World Philippines 2019 winners
Who will be crowned tonight?

MANILA, Philippines – A new batch of Miss World Philippines queens will be crowned Sunday evening, September 15 at the Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City. 

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Miss World Philippines: Michelle Dee
Miss Eco Philippines: Kelley Day
Reina Hispanoamericana Filipinas: Katrina Llegado
Miss Multinational Philippines: Isabelle de Leon
Miss Philippines Tourism: Glyssa Leiann Perez
Miss Eco Teen Philippines: Vanessa Mae Walters
Miss World 1st Princess: Shannon Christie Kerver
Miss World 2nd Princess: Casie Banks

TOP 12

  1. Glyssa Perez
  2. Shannon Kerver
  3. Tracy Maureen Perez
  4. Billie Hakenson
  5. Katrina Llegado
  6. Isabelle de Leon
  7. Michelle Arceo
  8. Vanessa Mae Walters
  9. Casie Banks
  10. Michelle Thorlund
  11. Michelle Dee
  12. Kelley Day

TOP 20

  1. Sheila Marie Reyes
  2. Michelle Dee
  3. Aura Shaznay
  4. Vanessa Mae Walters
  5. Katrina Llegado
  6. Michelle Thorlund
  7. Shannon Christie Kerver
  8. Glyssa Leiann Perez
  9. Ilene de Vera
  10. Kayesha Chua
  11. Casie Banks
  12. Jacqueline Diamzon Hammoude
  13. Patrixia Santos
  14. Louise Theunis
  15. Trisha Gutierrez
  16. Billie Hakenson
  17. Tracy Maureen Perez
  18. Michelle Arceo
  19. Isabelle de Leon
  20. Kelley Day
  21. Kalea Rivero Pitel
  22. Ruffa Nava


  • Talent: Sheila Marie Reyes
  • Sports: Michelle Dee
  • Multimedia: Aura Shaznay
  • Beach Beauty: Vanessa Mae Walters
  • Top Model: Katrina Llegado
  • Charity: Michelle Thorlund and Shannon Christie Kerver
  • Beauty with a Purpose: Glyssa Leiann Perez


  • Miss CAD Smile: Michelle Thorlund
  • Miss Bluewater Day Spa: Michelle Dee and Casie Banks
  • Best in Swimsuit: Vanessa Mae Walters
  • Miss Myra E: Michelle Dee
  • Miss Best Skin by Cathy Valencia Advanced Skin Clinic: Michelle Dee and Kelley Day
  • Miss Cabalen: Katrina Llegado
  • Miss Big Chill: Kelley Day
  • Miss Bench: Michelle Dee
  • Miss Photogenic: Katrina Llegado
  • Best in Evening Gown: Katrina Llegado
  • Miss GCOX: Michelle Dee


  1. Isabelle de Leon
  2. Julia Mendoza
  3. Sharielle Yanson
  4. Glyssa Leiann Perez
  5. Julie Ann Forbes
  6. Michelle Arceo
  7. Patricia Navea Tan
  8. Kalea Rivero Pitel
  9. Tracy Maureen Perez
  10. Jacqueline Diamzon Hammoude
  11. Kayesha Chua
  12. Trisha Gutierrez
  13. Hanna Therese Cruz
  14. Billie Hakenson
  15. Alyssa Reyes
  16. Shammy Galisanao
  17. Camelle Mercado
  18. Ruffa Nava
  19. Jean Tumang
  20. Ilene de Vera
  21. Michelle Dee
  22. Gerlaine Silva
  23. Vanessa Mae Walters
  24. Kelley Day
  25. Rose Ann Ignacio
  26. Michelle Thorlund
  27. Patrixia Santos
  28. Mary Daena Zaide Resurreccion
  29. Asha Gutierrez
  30. Katrina Llegado
  31. Sheila Marie Reyes
  32. Jena Masero
  33. Justiene Ortega
  34. Anne Legaspi
  35. Louise Theunis
  36. Edna Gunio
  37. Casie Banks
  38. Aura Shaznay
  39. Erica Rose Madlangsakay
  40. Shannon Christie Kerver

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