TRANSCRIPT: Miss World Philippines 2019 Q and A

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TRANSCRIPT: Miss World Philippines 2019 Q and A
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MANILA, Philippines – The top 12 candidates of Miss World Philippines 2019 flexed their wits, smarts, and ability to handle pressure during the coronation night’s Q and A segment.

Held on Sunday, September 14, at the Smart Araneta Coliseum, the finals saw crowd favorite Michelle Dee crowned Miss World Philippines 2019. Here’s how the Top 12 answered their questions:

# 21, Michelle Dee

In this age of digital technology, what invention from the last century do you think should make a comeback?

Answer: If I were to choose one invention from the last century, it would be polaroid film. I am an avid lover of art, I love photography. I love the kind of energy and feels that polaroids give me. Being able to lay everything out and to go through memory lane is such a different feeling.

# 24, Kelley Day 

Filipino food is among the best in the world. Which Filipino dishes would you showcase in a dinner – from the appetizer, main course, to dessert?

Answer: The appetizer would definitely be tokwa’t baboy,  because its my favorite. And it’s healthy too! The starter would be sizzling sinigang. My main course would be adobo and rice, and dessert would be caramel… it’s my favorite one.

# 26, Michelle Thorlund

Millennials have been strongly labeled as an entitled generation. How can you debunk this stereotype?

Answer: I think millennials are not lazy. There are different generations, and they learn things differently and they go through life differently. The circumstances now are different form the ones’ before us, so we need to learn how to be more compassionate when we talk about other people and millennials.

#37, Casie Banks

Today, social media is affecting the lives of many. Do you think social media is a good or bad thing?

Answer: Social media is still a positive thing. I would like to look at it in a more positive way because we are able to reach our message to a wider audience. We are able to connect and really send the voice and message out there. Sometimes, I admit, we do abuse social media, especially with cyber-bullying and bashing. But at the end of the day, we should always be conscious of what we do post.”

# 23, Vanessa Mae Walters

What very important life lesson did you learn the hard way?

Answer: The hardest lesson in life is being true to myself. Learning to be less authentic than I ever thought I should and would ever be. The more valuable and sensitive that I have become into being in this society is the hardest lesson I’ve learned in today’s generation.

# 6, Michelle Arceo

If you were to write a story on your life, what would you call it and why?

Answer: I couldn’t really give a specific title on the story of my life, because I’ve experienced so many things – many hardships, so much love. With all those experiences, it’s turned into so many different values. I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you anything in pinpoint. 

#1, Isabelle de Leon 

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, what would we see if we looked into your eyes?

Answer: That is a beautiful question. What they will see in my eyes is love, eyes that see the good in people. My lips that seek to speak words of kindness, and ears that listen to the needs of other people, and hands that nurture and build other people’s dreams. That’s the kind of beauty and light that shines from within.

# 30, Katrina Llegado 

There have been debates in the legislation of divorce in the Philippines. Would you advise divorce to a couple having a troubled relationship?

Answer: That’s a very hard question. But I must say, if the two agree to have a better life for their children, we should respect and understand the two. No matter how hard it is, we should have proper communication to resolve conflict. That is the most important thing that couples should know.

#14, Billie Hakenson

What are you willing to give up for love?

Answer: Thank you for that question. What would I give up for love? I would probably give up my career, because I would be very much willing to take care of my husband and my future family. He’ll form a loving home for me and my family.

# 9, Tracy Maureen Perez

If you were given the chance to be mayor for a city, what would be the top program that you will implement for women?

Answer: If I were to be given that chance, I would promote education. I know it’s for women, but as my personal advocacy, we should always start with the children, and also the women. I think that if we start with the children, we can save the future, and also we can provide a better workplace for the women.

# 40, Shannon Kerver  

If the president were to appoint you to a position in the cabinet, which position would you choose and why?

Answer: I would choose the position that would involve the promotion of Filipino culture. I think it’s important to promote our culture, especially with diplomatic relations. Since we’re expanding our diplomatic relations and modernizng, I think putting Filipino culture at the center is a very important thing. 

# 4, Glyssa Perez

From your opinion, what is the most sad environmental problem that happened this year and why?

Answer: It was the most recent Amazon. Everyone knows that the Amazon happened and I feel like the awareness is still there but there should me more than just awareness. There should be action. I believe as a community we should be united together. If we work together as one, we will be able to cooperate and make a change in our environment.


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