Ms PH Earth Fil-Canada: Marie-Antonette Carbon
Meet Miss PH Earth for Filipino communities in Canada

PRESS LAUNCH. Marie-Antonette Carbon at the pageant's press launch. Photo by Erickson dela Cruz



Ms PH Earth 2013 LIVE poll results

MANILA, Philippines – In line with the Miss Philippines Earth 2013 pageant’s water conservation theme, this 21-year-old college student says, “Tap water saves 2,000 times more energy than bottled water. Drink tap water whenever possible.”

Describe your childhood/growing-up years (8-13 years old):

My childhood was extremely full of activities. My mom signed me up for all sorts of things such as swimming, ballet, karate, and the list goes on and on. Also, we moved to the suburban area of Montreal when I was 7 so it was around that time that I had to learn to be more sociable and make new friends.

Most memorable moment:

My most memorable moment is the day of my graduation. I visited my grandfather after and saw him all dressed up with my graduation hat and robe. The smile he had on his face and that look he had when he saw me was priceless.

What is your environmental advocacy and why did you choose this?

Awareness about pollution. I take the bus everyday to school and realize how important it is to have clean air and a clean environment. To understand the importance of these is also a way to answer the needs of our environment. 

RESORTWEAR COMPETITION. Marie-Antonette Carbon at the resortwear competition on April 12 at Hotel Pontefino & Residences, Batangas. Photo courtesy of Carousel Productions

SWIMWEAR COMPETITION. Marie-Antonette Carbon at the swimwear competition on April 13 at Golden Sunset Resort, Batangas. Photo courtesy of Carousel Productions

CULTURAL COSTUME COMPETITION. Marie-Antonette  Carbon at the cultural costume competition on April 19 at SM Mall of Asia, Pasay. Photo courtesy of Carousel Productions


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