The ultimate Bb Pilipinas 2015 face-off: My predictions for the big win

Norman Tinio
The ultimate Bb Pilipinas 2015 face-off: My predictions for the big win
Pageant blogger Norman Tinio shares his predictions for this year's competition

Note: The predictions below first appeared on pageant writer Norman Tinio’s blog. It is being republished here, with his permission. 

First order of the day: Split the 34 Binibinis into two groups with the objective of coming up with an Upper 17.

It really does facilitate the process of making a set of predictions by focusing on the ones who are likely to figure out well and not get distracted by one or two who are already outside the zone of preferred candidates. 

Sacrifices were made in my analysis. There are at least three (3) ladies (specifically Patricia Ejercitado, Ria Rabajante and Marvi Ann de Lima) I wanted to squeeze into the upper half.

But then again, doing so will go against the grain of the meat so to speak. I don’t want propel to myself back to a difficult square one position had I opted to cave in just for the sake of making them feel honored with the inclusion (the mention of their names in this paragraph should give them a good pat on the back). 

Here now are the Top 50% in my opinion, presented in order of their pin numbers. 

The first 5 (according to their pin numbers) for me are: 6 Toni Alyeesa Hipolito, 7 Enrica Roxiele Guieb, 8 Kimverlyn Suiza, 10 Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, and 11 Janicel Lubina.  

The next six (according to their pin numbers) for me are: 12 Kylie Versoza, 13 Mae Liezel Ramos , 19 Christi Lynn McGarry, 21 Alaiza Flor Malinao, 22 Anja Vanessa Peter, and 23 Justine Beatrice Dellosa Felizarta

The final six (according to their pin numbers) for me are: 24 Ann Lorraine Colis, 25 Rogelie Catacutan, 26 Anabel Christine Tia, 28 Hannah Ruth Lulu Sison, 29 Nancy Lea Leonard, and 34 Teresita “Wynwyn” Marquez.

All photos by Rob Reyes/Rappler

Now that I have a smaller group to work with, allow me to get into the next phase: the Face-Offs. For a little over the past month now on my website, I have been coming up with daily matches between two ladies to hopefully get a better view of who has the advantage over the other.

And with very significant help coming from the Pre-Pageant Special aired last Sunday, the more unusually-shaped puzzle pieces started to fit and a vision of the potential winners started appearing with clarity. Not in high definition, but crisp enough to recognize who’s who as to which title.  

Below are the Face-Off matches that should punctuate Bb. Pilipinas 2015 once and for all. 

I lulled myself to sleep many nights before finally arriving at the two (2) Binibinis who deserve to face off for the Miss Universe Philippines 2015 title. In the end, I saw all the signs pointing me to go back to the basics.

That’s when I realized that my original considerations were just lingering inside my head, neglected most of the time. This is the year of the 3rd-time repeater versus the 3rd-time repeater. 

In my opinion, Binibini 10 Pia Wurtzbach and Binibini 28 Hannah Ruth Sison are the likeliest to do a tug-of-war for the highest honor. Like it or not, one of them could be the wearer of the Philippine sash in Miss Universe 2015. Experience is one major consideration. Hunger comes next. Track record accounts for a few brownie points.

I gave extra premium, though, on the small details and nuances that surround their bid – things that are not normally privy to the eyes of the regular pageant fan or enthusiast but intermittently made visible to members of the Press like myself. Please don’t call this my unfair advantage. All things being equal, I still would rather be looking at the possibilities just like any other online follower. 

My decision on this Face-Off: Pia will get the edge.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a refreshing face like Binibini 12 Kylie Verzosa become our representative in Miss International 2015? But wouldn’t it also be equally nice to see the niece of Miss International 1979 – Binibini 34 Teresita Ssen Marquez – be installed as Bb. Pilipinas-International 2015? I gave this match a lot of thought as well. 

The former is pretty and articulate. Some might quip that she’s in it just to appease those who have been bugging her to give the contest one attempt. But in all honesty, she is prepared to commit herself to the crown should she get one.

On the other hand, the latter – while middling in height – approached this pageant entry without all the pre-conceived celebrity notions about her. She created one positive impression after another along the way, regardless of the bashers who kept up with the less than pleasant remarks and potshots.

My decision on this Face-Off: Can’t you see I’m torn here? If I had my way, Kylie should take this one. The left side of my brain, though, is hinting that Teresita might be the announced winner.

Does this title remain on KF’s turf? I have a feeling it will. Between Binibini 6 Toni Alyessa Hipolito and Binibini 21 Alaiza Malinao, my vote should automatically go to the latter. But reviewing their performance in its entirety, the camp transferee has been showing more consistency, aside from possessing a face that could win more converts if Miss Intercontinental remains hosted by Germany. 

I am not depending on Toni’s Latina vibe here. The reason behind choosing her over Alaiza is more of picking a possibly all-around beauty queen who can excel in practically all aspects of international pageantry. Besides, we all have been overlooking her cause ever since the selection of Official Candidates was conducted. I know that she is being underestimated by most, especially that she went through a long break before this comeback.

My decision on this Face-Off: Toni Alyessa to take over Kris Tiffany.

Will this title remain on Aces & Queens’ turf? With the match between Binibini 19 Christi Lynn McGarry and Binibini 24 Ann Lorraine Colis, it definitely will. 

But since the former has already represented us in Miss Intercontinental 2010, I want to take a chance on Ann wearing the Philippine sash for Miss Supranational 2015. I bet this Kapampangan will be an excellent rep in Europe. 

This is actually an explosive one-on-one. Both ladies can step up to the plate for us. But then again, there are only 5 titles at stake. So there. 

My decision on this Face-Off: Ann.

Did I hear you say ‘Consolation Crown’? In the meantime, perhaps. Methinks there will be a new franchise awaiting the winner of this title if all negotiations push through. And pitting Binibini 8 Kimverlyn Suiza against Binibini 29 Nancy Leonard makes the eventual winner of this title more exciting. 

Kim is well-prepared. Nancy comes off as more spontaneous. What then is the better formula to lean on? If you ask me, spontaneity will always prevail. If the possible overseas assignment remains Tourism-themed, thinking on one’s feet is preferable. But if it’s something that would rely predominantly on universal looks and quick answers, then the former could be a more solid pick. This is very tight. 

My decision on this Face-Off: Nancy, by a narrow margin.

Surprised? Don’t be. Next to Miss Universe Philippines, the runners-up happen to be the most important in this post. There is no Face-Off between Binibini 11 Janicel Lubina and Binibini 23 Justine Felizarta. I am specifically placing them as 1st and 2nd Runners-Up, respectively.

Both are young and with big upsides in the nationals come 2016. They can still transform themselves into more well-rounded competitors given at least one year of training and tagging-along with the Bb. Pilipinas 2015 winners. They can prove their crown-worthiness in the process. 

I want Janicel for Miss Universe without a doubt. But I don’t want her fielded at only 85% completion. There are still areas to be improved on. The arresting looks and shapely body are already in place. But personal style and confidence need to be managed in a more well-intentioned manner. A sufficient dose of maturity will also help in giving her aura and disposition deeper than skin-deep impressions. Depth is the word used by one of our readers. Let’s take it from there. Cramming all of its demands in a few months or so will be hastening things just for the sake of seeing her compete abroad in a targeted pageant. 

The case is the same with Binibini 23 Justine Felizarta, reason why I am putting her as 2nd Runner-Up. She will benefit from further polishing, and not just on the exterior, but also in her inner appeal. A year or two from now, she will definitely come out a better fighter. 


This very long post is not meant to please everyone, dear readers. If only I had a reliable crystal ball to show me the accurate list of winners, then I will not hesitate in sharing the cloudy visions.

In the absence of such, I opted to base my judgment mostly on how I personally size up all the Binibinis – from a variety of encounters, feedbacks from valued individuals and the way I reckon BPCI will like their new set of winners to appear. Online hype and fanbase support did contribute a modest percentage to the entire value I assigned to each one of them. 

Regardless if a few of my forecast will raise the eyebrows of a good number, one thing I learned from years of pageant blogging is that nobody can claim a constant 100% batting average in making predictions.

One or two may have previously been lucky in coming up with better than 70% in naming the five (5) titleholders and two runners-up. But serendipity doesn’t favor the same predictor all the time.

Let’s not allow these guesses to get into our nerves. The fun and excitement should always be present. After all, I do not have the power to influence the judges with my pronouncements. Not one bit.

P.S. As always, I will accept the final results with open arms. Whomever will be crowned our 2015 Queens will get my full support. 🙂

Norman Tinio started pageant-blogging back in 2009 but has already been an avid pageant enthusiast since the early 70s. Apart from that, he is an Industrial Psychologist by profession, movie addict by nocturnal choice and an ex-Seminarian who can pray in Ancient Latin. You can always find him and his daily musings at

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