Chanel Olive Thomas on joining Miss PH Earth: I want to bring that change

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Chanel Olive Thomas on joining Miss PH Earth: I want to bring that change
She also talks future plans and about ex Jake Cuenca

MANILA, Philippines – Fil-Australian model Chanel Olive Thomas wishes to bring change to the currently polluted Philippines, an advocacy she wants to push during her run in the Miss Philippines-Earth pageant.  

“So, my advocacy is reducing the pollution currently present in the Philippines, and also then the world, and to promote a cleaner, safer, healthier environment. 

“Coming to the Philippines, I noticed that the air wasn’t as clean in other areas, so I feel really passionate in bringing that change, where children can grow up and play outside and they’re gonna be healthy and they’re gonna enjoy the environment Mother Nature actually gave us, so I’m really into that,” she told Rappler during the pageant’s press presentation. 

The motivation to make the environmental dream possible pushed Chanel, who said that she was never the type to join beauty pageants. (READ: Why policewoman Sofia Loren Deliu joined Miss PH Earth)

“Actually, I was never a pageant girl before, and then this was the pageant that tested it out for me. So I really like what it stands for. I wanna create that change in our environment.”

She represents San Antonio-Nueva Ecija, the hometown of her mother, aunt, and grandmother, and said that she feels really honored to represent them at the pageant.  

“This is my home now, so I really wanted to represent that, as well as if I win, I’ll be so proud, I’ll make my mum proud. It’s like a chain reaction.”

On Jake Cuenca 

She also talked about her ex, actor Jake Cuenca, and told Rappler the story of how they met. She met Jake through a best friend who went to school with him. He courted her after, and the rest was history when they became official in April 2014, but they ended their relationship amicably right before Christmas.  

Photo by Mark Cristino/Rappler

“Yeah, we had a really good breakup. I’m really close with his mum and his sister, so there’s no bad blood there. We had a good breakup. I wish him all the best, and same that he does for me so it’s fine,” she said.

Currently, she’s proud to be single, saying: 

“I don’t need a man right now. I’m very busy. I wanna be successful first, and if the right guy comes along, that’s up to God. God can bring him into my life and then we’ll see if I’m ready for it, but it’s up to God right now. This is my focus right now, and that’s all God wants for me right now.”

Future plans 

Chanel, who took up Business Administration in Australia, also said that she plans to continue studying, and is looking into Broadcast Journalism as a course to take up after the pageant. 

“I really want to study broadcast journalism so I’m trying to find the right college here.”  

When asked why she wanted to pursue that, she said, “Well, hosting. I really wanna be a host, so I really wanna be able to entertain people, and if I can make them smile and laugh everyday, so that’s really my, like, end goal. It’s what I really wanna do. That’s what I feel truly passionate about as well.” 

“I just really wanna inspire young girls, ‘cause you know us girls, we go through a lot of self-esteem issues and I really want to be that person who reminds them that you are worthy of doing whatever you want, and not to let your fears stop you from doing anything.” 

But she also said that she shares that same passion for the pageant, where she finds that aside from bringing environmental change, she can also send a message to young girls that they are capable of following their dreams. Chanel, who’s been modeling for 10 years, faced a lot of criticism in the industry.  

Message to fans: Pursue your passions persistently 

Chanel had this message for girls who want to pursue their passions. “Just follow your dreams. Don’t let any self-esteem issues or anything hold you back. Don’t let your fear override, because you don’t want to look back and regret. You need to just do it. You only live this one life, it’s better to try anything. If it fails, then sige, you do something else but don’t ever not do it just because you’re thinking, ‘oh what if this fails?’ No, just go, PUSH.” 

She will be representing San Antonio-Nueva Ecija in the 2015 Miss Philippines Earth pageant. The coronation night will be held on May 31 at the SM Mall of Asia. –

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