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TRANSCRIPT: Miss Universe Philippines 2020 Top 16 Q&A

TRANSCRIPT: Miss Universe Philippines 2020 Top 16 Q&A
The contestants answer a question about how they can make an impact on their community

The Miss Universe Philippines 2020 finals aired on Sunday, October 25 in Baguio City.

Out of over 40 candidates, 16 women advanced to the next stage of the pageant, where they participated in a round of Q&A.

The contestants had to answer the same question: “Throughout this journey you have discovered you are a phenomenal woman who is conditioned for greater. How can you create a positive and lasting impact to the world around you?”

Here are their answers:

Skelly Ivy Florida, Biliran

As a beauty queen, I know I can be greater because we are a voice, a spokesperson to others, and as I stand in here, I know that I can really inspire someone, even just one person, and I know that that person can be greater, just like me because I am standing here representing my province with pride, and I know someone will be inspired by the things that I do and they will also do the same in the near future and they will be greater also.

Paula Madarieta Ortega, Albay

Well, to do that, it was about finding myself, to know what I want to do in my life, to find my core values, and then from there, instilling to other people, to make them passionate, to know what they want to do in your life in order to become greater, to become phenomenal for the universe.

Pauline Amelinckx, Bohol

I can be a positive and lasting impact by being a role model, by embodying what it means to me to be greater. It is a constant struggle, it is a constant commitment to always work on being stronger, embracing my vulnerabilities, and knowing that I am the perfect version of my imperfect self, and empowering and enabling other girls, everyone, to feel the same way, because we are greater in our own rights

Christelle Abello, Aklan

Throughout my journey, just like my sisters and I, we have all grown into the phenomenal women that we are today and I believe that with this journey and through this pageant, that we have all grown to really believe in ourselves and have the confidence to really extend ourselves not just for our community for the rest of the universe. And I believe that in order to make an impact for the rest of the universe, it is our responsibility to use our platform and use our influence…

Rabiya Mateo, Iloilo City

First of all, I need to stick to my core, which is being passionate about educating people. I am a lecturer and I’ve been pursuing this because this education had helped me to have that comfortable life that I and my family deserves and I wanna push people, I want them to achieve greater things in life through me and I know that Miss Universe anything is possible because I am a phenomenal woman with a heart.

Tracy Maureen Perez, Cebu City

In order for me to create a positive and lasting impact to the world, I would always use my experiences because that is the best possible way in order for me to be able to relate to people, to connect to people, relating with them through my experiences. I’ve lived a challenging life all throughout my life and I know that a lot of people all over the world will be able to personally relate to my story. And if given this platform, I’ll be able to share that story to the world.

Alaiza Malinao, Davao City

Nag-apil ko diri sa pageant na gusto nako ipakita ang tinuod na ako. Expected diri sa pageant na you have to be prim and proper and you have to speak in English. And karon na mag-istorya ko ug Bisaya, ang gusto nako muhatag ug way sa mga naa sa probinsya nga kailangan nila mag speak up para madungog sila misking unsa nga lengwahe ang ilahang gamiton. Lalo na karon na kailangan nato tabangan ang mga babae sa misking asang lugar kay maybe naa sila sa ilahang balay karon ug kailangan nila ug tabang, kailangan nato sila [madungog].

Kimberly “Billie” Hakenson, Cavite

I was a survivor of gender-based abuse and without knowing it, maybe so are you. I am not here to just be a voice, I am here to amplify voices because we will not be silenced by fear anymore. We are here to be empowered by truth.

Apriel Smith, Cebu Province

How I can give an impact that is lasting in this world is to simply don’t stop about my purpose, because I myself is a positive person. I will continue my purpose and uplift each other and to be beyond phenomenal to the other people. I will continue to inspire many young little April Smiths to continue their dreams and to achieve their goals in life, because they can be beyond phenomenal.

Caroline Joy Veronilla, Misamis Oriental

I have always believed in the power of storytelling. We can be greater in this time when we share stories that inspires, empowers, and encourages. When we share stories, we know better. When we know better, we do better. And by that, we become greater.

Lou Dominique Piczon, Mandaue City

If there’s something I learned during the pandemic is that time is constant and there’s nothing you can’t do once you’ve already done the things you can do today. One thing I learned through all my life that my parents have also portrayed on me is that unless you have gone beyond of what you already mastered, you will never grow. This is something we should take into account if we were to be conditioned for greater.

Sandra Lemonon, Taguig City

My greatest contribution that I can give is speaking about mental health. I’ve been through a lot  in my life and a lot of struggles. I dealt with depression, anxiety, and abuse. What I want to say to anyone who’s ever dealt with this is don’t be ashamed about it, don’t hide, please share. We need to hear these stories, we need to communicate together, have open communication in our households, and that’s how I’m going to contribute as a phenomenal woman. I want to be authentic and truly myself. 

Michele Gumabao, Quezon City

The volleyball court was the first ever stage I walked on. And I know God is using me to share my passion for the sport for the younger generation. This is how I know that I am phenomenal and conditioned for greater. Because I want to instill in the youth qualities like faith, passion, hardwork, and discipline, because I stand here today as living proof that these can help you achieve your dreams. And I am here to tell you to fight and never be give up and be relentless in the pursuit of your dreams.

Maria Tajaran, Romblon

I was born and raised in a small town of Calatrava, Romblon, where life is simple and happy, but this global pandemic changed everything. It created chaos and lost millions of lives but we Filipinos are resilient. And that is what I am very proud of and that’s why I want to encourage everyone to keep continuing the bayanihan spirit because that’s what makes us Filipino. And I am proud to say I am Filipino.

Riana Pangindian, Pasig

Being a Filipina and being a candidate of the first ever Miss Universe Philippines, I went through a lot of challenges that shaped me to be who I am today. I stand here representing everyone who has been overlooked and underestimated. I believe everyone can be conditioned for greater if they believe themselves and keep the faith. As I hopefully win this year…

Maria Ysabella Bella Ysmael, Paranaque

One of the things that I’ve learned is that valuable is staying true to yourself and being as authentic as you can be no matter where you are. That’s something I learned as I went on in this journey. I’m very thankful that I am able to realize that. I’m thankful that I am who I am today and that I am able to show you all exactly who I am and I can’t wait to continue doing that and hopefully inspire more people to be themselves as well. Be proud of who you are and that’s the most you can do for yourself.


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