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WATCH: Miss World PH 2021 names top 9 ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ videos

WATCH: Miss World PH 2021 names top 9 ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ videos

BEAUTY WITH A PURPOSE. (LEFT) Ambriel Pascual and (RIGHT) Asha Gutierrez are included in the top 9.

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The candidates talk about their advocacies and chosen beneficiaries in the Beauty with a Purpose program

The Miss World Philippines (MWP) organization released the advocacy videos of the top 9 finalists from the Beauty with a Purpose competition. 

The Beauty with a Purpose program is the charity arm of the Miss World Organization and helps contestants raise funds for their chosen beneficiaries. 

According to the MWP, the winner of the Beauty with a Purpose contest will automatically get a semifinal slot during the coronation night. 

Included in the top 9 finalists is Bataan’s Dindi Pajares, who was appointed Miss Supranational Philippines 2021. She finished as part of the top 12 at the international pageant held in Poland.

Here are the top 9 finalists of the Beauty with a Purpose competition:

#1, Lea Macapagal

Lea partnered with organizations CLICK and Juan Learning to provide laptops and learning modules for the indigenous people of Payangan, Bataan. 

“I believe education cannot only better the lives of individuals but uplift the community in general,” she said. Lea added that she will continue to advocate for the “love of learning through accessibility, responsibility, and unity despite our adversity.” 

#2, Ria Siozon

Siozon partnered with the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority to provide livelihood training programs for the abuse victims and women inmates in Meycauayan, Bulacan.

“Through this, it will give them hope, a sense of security, value, and new directions and opportunities in life for them and their family…. When women are living secured, fulfilled and productive lives, they can reach their full potential,” she said. 

Siozon added that she firmly believes that empowering a woman means empowering a new generation.

#3, Joy Barcoma

Barcoma launched the “I’m Here” social campaign, which aims to build safe spaces, end stigma and prevent mental illness through active community involvement. 

“We just need to show up for each other, to listen…. Don’t be afraid to open up because there will always be safe spaces. There is a community ready to listen,” Barcoma said in the video. 

#9, Ambriel Pascual

Through an online fundraiser of child right’s films, Pascual and her organization was able to help support frontliners, send relief efforts to typhoon victims, and fund partners working towards adapting to distance learning and online education. 

“As an environment advocate, I believe it is important that we not only fight for environment conservation, but also fight for those who will live on it in the future. That being the children. If our home is not a safe space, what place would be?” Pascual said. 

#19, Asha Gutierrez

As a founding member of LoveYourself’s We Stand for Women, Transcend, Gutierrez has participated in several programs and initiatives for both transgender and cisgender women communities in the Philippines. 

“We aim for women to be empowered, to support positive growth against any form of abuse. We are here to help women find their voice so that they too, can transcend beyond their hurt and above their pain,” she said. 

Pascual asked that the community should aim for “all women of diverse backgrounds to be treated with equality, respect, and dignity.”

#22, Dindi Pajares (Miss Supranational Philippines 2021)

Pajares supported the “She Weaves” social enterprise of the Ayta Magbakun Community in Bataan. 

She said, “My goal is to make their voices be heard and empower them to be self-sufficient. By weaving, they make a living. By living, they continue to make their dreams possible.” 

#27, Trisha Martinez

As a dentist, Martinez advocated for good oral health. She co-founded the non-profit organization called The Smile Initiative Philippines that aims to provide life changing smiles through free oral rehabilitation. 

“I wanna see people of all ages wear their winning smile,” she said. 

#29, Ann Palmares

Palmares initiated the Beauty Behind Bars Project for the 122 women in the Iloilo City Jail Female Dormitory. In collaboration with Fiesta Souvenir Iloilo, women detainees hand sew bags for the project. 

“There are women, though restricted, who are doing their best to show the world that they are more than their current situation. I am here to give them hope by making them productive, giving them a strong sense of purpose, and letting them feel that they can still contribute as part of this loving community,” she said. 

Palmanares added that the project “aims to help women who are marginalized and whose opportunities including freedom have been curtailed.”

#43, Ganiel Krishnan

Krishnan started a social media movement called People I Met where “she tells stories of normal human beings, identifying problems in the hopes of alleviating their life situations through various solutions.”

In her advocacy video, Krishnan talked about an Aeta community from Sitio Haduan in Mabalacat, Pampanga and their struggles to get a good education. 

“It is a gentle reminder that helping is not hard to make a difference in this world,” she said. 

The MWP organization earlier announced the other qualifiers from its fast-track events.

The Miss World Philippines 2021 coronation night is currently postponed. It was initially scheduled for July 11. They moved it to July 25, then rescheduled it to August 8, and again, to September 19 before announcing that the postponement.

At least seven titles are at stake: Miss World Philippines, Miss Eco Philippines, Miss Eco Teen Philippines, Reinahispanoamericana Filipinas, Miss Multinational, Miss Philippines Tourism, and Miss Environment International.  – Rappler.com