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LOOK: The casts of ‘Doctor Foster’ adaptations around the world

LOOK: The casts of ‘Doctor Foster’ adaptations around the world

DOCTOR FOSTER. Suranne Jones, Jodi Sta. Maria, and Kim Hee-ae star in international adaptations of the BBC drama.

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Here are the actors for the Philippine adaptation, and their international counterparts

The hype is real for the upcoming Philippine remake of Doctor Foster, after its cast was revealed on Friday, May 7.

The Philippine adaptation will feature actress Jodi Sta. Maria in the main role of the doctor whose life unravels when she suspects her husband of cheating on her.

The BBC Studios show has been remade for audiences in various countries all over the world. It has found a fandom among Filipinos after its South Korean adaptation, The World of a Married Couple, was broadcast by ABS-CBN in 2020.

The Philippine version, The Broken Marriage Vow, will soon hit the screens, but in the meantime, here’s a look at the new cast and the actors that played them in the original show, as well as the Korean adaptation.

Jodi will star as Dr Jill Ilustre, the Filipino counterpart of title character Gemma Foster. In the original series, Suranne Jones played Dr Foster – a 37-year-old general practitioner from the fictional town of Parminster. In the Korean adaptation, Kim Hee-ae played Ji Sun-woo, a family medicine doctor in Gosan.

Zanjoe Marudo will be playing David Ilustre, Dr Jill’s wayward husband. The original character was a property developer named Simon Foster, with Bertie Carvel taking on the role. In The World of a Married Couple, the husband is a film director named Lee Tae-oh, played by Park Hae-joon.

Sue Ramirez plays Lexy Lucero, the woman who has an affair with David. The original character was a university student named Kate Parks, played by Jodie Comer. The Korean character was an heiress and Pilates instructor named Yeo Da-kyung, played by Han So-hee.

Zaijan Jaranilla will portray Gio Ilustre, Jill and David’s son. The original character Tom Foster was played by Tom Taylor. In the Korean adaptation, the character was played by Jeon Jin-seo.

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