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Rappler Talk: Old, new business with Mikko, Mark, and Macky Tung
Rappler Talk: Old, new business with Mikko, Mark, and Macky Tung
Rappler talks to the 'Project GO' mentors and entrepreneurs about doing business in the Philippines and what it takes to steer brands both old and new in 2020

Brothers Mikko, Mark, and Macky Tung are well aware of the kind of privilege they’ve grown up in. They are, of course, the heirs to Ligo, a 66-year-old sardine brand that’s well established in the Philippines.

But for the brothers, a family-run business is not an excuse to slack off – in fact, it’s reason to do much better. Since working in the company (and, in 2020, being catapulted into internet fame) the 3 brothers have carved their own paths, both inside and outside Ligo.

Recently, they signed up to be mentors in Project GO, a GoDaddy Asia and AXN Asia reality show where one budding Filipino entrepreneur stands to win P1 million to help realize their ideas.

In this episode of Rappler Talk, the Tung brothers catch up with life & style editor Bea Cupin, who is also a Project GO mentor, about their experiences on the show, doing business in the Philippines, and what it takes to build your own brand or help steer a 66-year-old brand towards 2020.

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Rappler is a media partner of Project GO

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