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Lee Dong-wook, Wi Ha-jun promise fun and action in ‘Bad and Crazy’

Ysa Abad
Lee Dong-wook, Wi Ha-jun promise fun and action in ‘Bad and Crazy’

COMING SOON. The cast of K-drama 'Bad and Crazy' during the series' press conference.


'Bad and Crazy' also stars Han Ji-eun and Cha Hak-yeon

MANILA, Philippines – South Korean actors Lee Dong-wook and Wi Ha-jun are teaming up for the first time in the upcoming action-comedy series Bad and Crazy, which will premiere in iQiyi on Friday, December 17.

Bad and Crazy follows Lee as the capable but bad police inspector Ryu Su-yeol who will change his ways after meeting the righteous and crazy “K” (played by Wi), who’s fearless in his pursuit for justice. 

“They are opposites of each other but then, they gradually work together and become very good teammates,” Wi said about their characters during an online press conference. 

Lee added that even off-cam, they’re still a “great team together.” “The chemistry was great and the teamwork was great,” he said. 

Lee, who’s best known for his roles in the series Goblin, Tale of the Nine Tailed, and Touch Your Heart, said that his character shows a side of him that fans have never seen. 

“I didn’t really prepare that much [for this role]. The script itself said it all, so I just stuck to it.… This character is very easygoing. I just needed to do my part well, so I’m glad I was given the freedom to express my character the way I wanted,” he said. 

In contrast, Wi, who rose to fame through Squid Game, explained that he really prepared for his character, K. “He likes to see himself as a hero…. He has a lot of layers in him. At times, I’d get a little exhausted because K isn’t an easy character to bring to life. I’m just glad I managed to pull it off.”  

He added, “Unlike any character I’ve played before, there were a lot of comical aspects about him, too, that I wanted to bring to light.” 

Aside from their “bromance,” the lead stars shared that viewers can expect exhilarating large-action scenes all throughout the series. In the trailers alone, Lee and Wi are seen in motorcycle chases and crime-busting operations. 

Wi said, “K always finds himself in a lot of action scenes, so I trained a lot before shooting.” Lee also praised his co-actor for his dedication to their action scenes, revealing that Wi did not rely on stunt doubles for the series. 

“Ha-Jun and I had the most action scenes in this drama, and they went well, especially in Ha-Jun’s case, because he understood what the action team wanted from him. However, I just followed the guidelines,” he shared. 

He added that while Bad and Crazy is a comedy-action series, it still has different aspects that viewers should anticipate for. “The script is very interesting and intriguing.… The entire series left a deep impression on me,” Lee said. 

Aside from Lee and Wi, Bad and Crazy also stars Han Ji-eun and Cha Hak-yeon. – Rappler.com