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Inside the Industry: Game development with Nico Tuason

Inside the Industry: Game development with Nico Tuason
From Reddit to Steam, local game developer Nico Tuason shares the 10-year journey behind Lithium City
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Here’s how we discovered local game developer (and self-confessed family man) Nico Tuason: Reddit.

With nearly 2,000 upvotes, a “mini-memoir” of an introverted-yet-ambitious programmer was Nico’s personal way of promoting his latest game, Lithium City, becoming available for download on Steam.

Between freelancing and raising his five children, Nico’s harrowing 10-year journey epitomizes the real struggles facing today’s artists and entrepreneurs. However, we wanted to dig even deeper and hear from the man himself.

For our latest episode of Inside the Industry, we talk game development and passion with Nico Tuason, creator of Lithium City.

Whether you’re inspired by his story or just want to support local game developers, you may now purchase Lithium City on Steam.

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