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Manila, Philippines – This week (October 28 to November 3) was not all about Halloween, All Saints’ day and All Souls’ Day. It couldn’t be. Not for the short-attention-spanned social media users that we are. We always have something else going on.

We scoured the web again for content that made netizens Happy, Sad, Amused, Angry, Inspired, Afraid and Annoyed. And here are some of them:

Another singing Pinay YouTube sensation on Ellen
MoodMeter: Happy

Two million. That’s the number of views the YouTube video of 21-year-old Zendee Rose Tenerife gained in just 3 months. Within that time frame, she made it from a mall karaoke to The Ellen DeGeneres show in the US.

Tenerife’s journey to stardom started when YouTube user Yuan Juan saw her singing at a Karaoke machine in a mall in Manila, took a video of her then uploaded it on the video hosting site.

What’s not to be happy about a rising Pinay talent discovered again through social media?

No second season for ‘Political Animals’
MoodMeter: Sad

At Rappler, we like sharing our television shows with each other. If time allows, we even watch them together. Sadly, one of our favorite shows will not be returning for another season.

Political Animals, starring Sigourney Weaver, is a show about the wife of a former President of the United States. After divorcing her husband, she carves a political path for herself serving as the US Secretary of State. She sets her eyes on the presidency while making sure her family does not fall apart.

Politics, media and inside tracks — the show has all the ingredients of a Rappler favorite and we are saddened by’s report that it didn’t get enough viewers to merit a second season.

Greg Berlanti, the producer of the show, said he is proud of what the series has accomplished. He also said the show was originally marketed as a “limited series event” so they are “leaving as originally intended.”

Faux pas: Marketing over matter
Mood Meter: Annoyed

Oh no they didn’t!

While America was facing the wrath of Hurricane Sandy, clothing companies American Apparel and Gap received lots of hate on Twitter when the former sent an email blast about a “Hurricane Sandy sale” and the latter declared on Twitter that they’ll be doing lots of shopping in the midst of all.

The announcements were insensitive to many. However, in times like these, we should not spend the time on hating. We need to shift our full attention to those who need our help. Build rather than destroy, they say.

Twitter and Facebook users at your service
MoodMeter: Inspired

A person’s ability to help is only limited by his or her willingness.

Amid the chaos brought about by superstorm Sandy, two residents of the East Coast used social media to help others get to safety.

Emily Rahimi, the social media manager of the Fire Department of New York (FDNY), served as a help line on Twitter for New Yorkers coordinating rescue dispatches and posting updates as the day went along. Rahimi also made sure to reply and assure those who did not get immediate assistance that help was on the way.

FDNY’s Twitter account continues to provide updates and is still on the lookout for anyone who may need help.

In New Jersey, another area hard-hit by Sandy, a resident used a Facebook page to give updates and coordinate volunteer meetups and provide information on shelters.

Created by Justin Auciello in 2011 during Hurricane Irene, the page came in handy as Superstorm Sandy struck. Auciello crowdsourced the information and made sure he covered as much as he could to give the page’s over 170,000 subscribers timely updates.

These two people effectively used social media to help make sense of the disorder caused by the superstorm. Truly inspiring efforts.

Darth Vader in Disneyland
MoodMeter: Amused

Are you ready for a Disneyfied Star Wars flick?

DISNEY DEATH STAR. Screengrab from Facebook

Walt Disney Co. announced Tuesday, October 30, that it is buying Lucasfilm – the company of “Star Wars” director George Lucas, for US$4 billion. A report on CNNMoney says the acquisition makes George Lucas a big shareholder in Disney. The company will pay for Lucasfilm in cash worth $2 billion, and in stocks amounting to 40 million shares.

The company that created Mickey Mouse wasted no time announcing their acquisition in a video of Sith Lord Darth Vader taking some time off in Disneyland.

While the video is downright amusing, the news that Disney plans to add another trilogy to the legendary franchise has garnered mixed reactions and generated equally amusing memes.

JEDI MICKEY. Photo from 9Gag

MICKEY DEATH STAR. Screengrab from Facebook

Online catfight?
MoodMeter: Don’t Care

Have you heard of the D-List Burn Book blog? It was set up to allegedly “take down” some fashion bloggers. Later on, a D-List End blog, which was made to look like it was against the former blog, was created. Both of the blogs are now down but the noise the blogs made are still too fresh for some to let go.

Posted on the D-List End blog were screengrabs of a Facebook chat that allegedly went on between Fashion blogger Patricia Prieto and a certain Gery Penaso, reports. In the screengrabs, both were allegedly talking about how they were thinking of conniving against some “maldita” fashion bloggers – mentioned were Joanna Ladrido and Tricia Gosingtian – and creating a blog about it.

If the posting and trolling doesn’t stop, Ladrido threatens to file a lawsuit.

What we can say is – make peace not war.

Sandy and Halloween
MoodMeter: Afraid

HALLOWEEN TRENDS. Screengrab of trending topics on Twitter and Google+
Halloween started trending as early as October 28 as people got ready for one of the most awaited occasions of the year. The social media space was filled with scary images and photos of Halloween costumes from the mentioned date.

Also, have you heard? One of the creepiest places on Earth is in the Philippines.

In other news that gave us goosebumps, here’s a video of the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy from TheNationalGuard’s YouTube page.

When lawyers and government officials collide
MoodMeter: Angry

Arroyo Lawyer Ferdinand Topacio’s reaction over a months-old blog post of presidential communications undersecretary Manolo Quezon III sparked angry reactions.

On social networking site Twitter, Topacio called Quezon a “faggot of the worst kind.” This was after the Arroyo Lawyer read Quezon’s blog detailing how then Chief Justice Renato Corona aided former President Gloria Arroyo by issuing a TRO on her travel ban. In his blog, Quezon described Topacio as “Hitler-loving.”

Presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda jumped in and called Topacio a bigot.

WORD WAR. Presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda and Arroyo lawyer Ferdie Topacio exchange jabs on Twitter

Topacio denied he is a homophobe saying he has several gay friends and even supports the partylist Ladlad.

Gay rights activist Jonas Bagas dismissed Topacio’s tweet, calling it “hate speech.”

Bagas said, “If Topacio has anything against a public official like Manolo Quezon, then he should just stick to the issue. He shouldn’t use his alleged support for the LGBT community to pinkwash his homophobia. His gay slur is not just a personal attack against Manolo Quezon. He’s inciting hatred against our community.”

For media men like us, public personalities exchanging “sweet nothings” on Twitter is a bit amusing, but we feel this does not set a good example to the young ones.

Another story that made us angry is the spread of fake photos of Hurricane Sandy’s effects and aftermath. It was very inconsiderate and disrespectful of the efforts of those who provided legitimate updates on the superstorm. –

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