Social Media wRap: Baby Hashtag, good deeds, and trolls

Stacy De Jesus
Amid all the crazy things that happened on social media this week, we found a couple of stories that could inspire you to do something good

MANILA, Philippines – A mother naming her daughter after a Twitter symbol, advocates dancing to spread HIV awareness, and a newspaper falling for a spoof — these were the crazy events of this week.

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s a rundown of what went on in social media from November 24 to 30 and how it made us feel:

MoodMeter = Inspired

Spreading HIV/AIDS awareness

#WorldAidsDay. Number one trending topic, promoted by Twitter.

The UN Global AIDS Report showed that while the rest of the world has managed to bring down their rate of HIV infection, the Philippines is one of 7 countries in the world where HIV continues to rise — a 25% increase in cases the last year alone. Perhaps more alarming is the concentration of new HIV infections among the youth (ages 15-24).

As part of the lead up to World Aids Day celebrated Saturday, December 1, advocates in Parañaque City found a unique approach in raising awareness through dancing.

Check out this report by Devon Wong:

You may also check out Rappler’s #HIVTalk Google Hangouts:

On taking the test and how the rise of HIV can be linked to social media:

On using social media for HIV awareness: 

Runner up: 200 orphans at the Grace Care Orphanage in Kenya re-enacted the last few minutes of the legendary 1987 NBA Finals match between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics.

The re-enactment video was posted on YouTube as part of the campaign to encourage donations and eventually collect resources to be able to build a safe playing field for the kids.

The video of the original game was posted by the official NBA YouTube account 3 years ago and now has 300,000 views. But Larry Bird’s play, etched in the mind of NBA fans, has been posted several times on YouTube by different users, thus giving it a large amount of video views if counted collectively.

‪The campaign will conclude on Jan 10, 2013.

Runner up: A photo of a police officer offering a pair of boots to a barefoot homeless man posted Wednesday, November 28, on the offical Facebook page of the New York Police Department (NYPD) went viral on the Internet.

ACT OF KINDNESS. A police officer offers a homeless man a pair of boots

The photo gained 556,000 likes, 200,000 shares and 43,000 comments only 3 days after it was posted.

MoodMeter = Amused

Baby Hashtag

A baby girl became an Internet celebrity the moment her mother decided to name her after a Twitter symbol – Hashtag Jameson.

Runner up: OMG! What was Chinese newspaper People’s Daily thinking when it quoted satirical newspaper The Onion and called Kim Jong Eun the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’?

SPOOF VICTIM. People's Daily falls for The Onion spoof. Screenshot from People's Daily Online

Hey, thanks for the laughs bros!


MoodMeter = Angry

Enrile to smoke again to prove sin tax point

The Mood Meter for our ‘Enrile to smoke again to prove sin tax point’ story has been flaming red since it was published.

A tweet from Miriam Grace-Go, a Rappler editorial consultant, encapsulates how the rest of us — some of the non-smoking people — feel about this.


Nothing much to say here. Just that, we still don’t quite see the point.

MoodMeter = Don’t Care

Rihanna and Chris Brown back together?

Chris Brown and Rihanna may have spent Thanksgiving together in Berlin, a report said.

This was after the a series of “hint” tweets from the Pop diva:

Berlin just so happens to be the next stop on Brown’s “Carpe Diem” concert tour.

Riri and Brown split up 2009 after reports of the latter’s brutal assult on the former. Photographs of Rihanna’s face filled with dark bruises and scars scattered on the internet. Brown was pretty much the subject of online hate and boycotts from some of Rihanna’s fans and human’s and women’s rights advocates for a long period of time.

We don’t know what’s really going on but if it were true that they got back together even after all the things that happened between them, we leave that up to them. It’s their choice and life.

MoodMeter = Sad

More and more Filipinos leave for jobs abroad

Over 1.4 million Filipinos were recorded to have left the country for better jobs abroad in 2010. An increase compared to 2000 when only 800,000 workers left the country.

The Philippine goverment also remains dependent on their remittances.

For more on this, check out this infographic.

MoodMeter = Afraid

Kid accidentally hits “reply all”

New York University (NYU) sophomore Max Wiseltier did not know what to do when he received an email from the NYU’s Bursar office about a new electronic tuition form so naturally, he asked his mom if she wanted him to do it. Thing is, insteading of clicking “Forward,” he accidentally hit “Reply All.”

The email was received by 39,979 NYU students, and according to a report from Buzzfeed, many of them took the opportunity to “mingle on the thread” — throwing jokes, questions, or anything absurd. It didn’t take long for people to get annoyed.

Good thing it was just a “Do you want me to do this?” email from Wiseltier to his mom.

Scary what the Internet can do. Be safe people!

MoodMeter = Happy

JLo made Manila dance again and again

Jennifer Lopez visited Manila last November 26 and Twitter in the Philippines was all about her for a day.

The Latin diva announced her arrival on Twitter and even held a contest to make things more fun.

Twitter hashtags #JLoLiveinManila, #DanceAgainJLoTour, and #JLoinManila trended all throughout the day.

Even our favorite government Twitter account rode on the fun.

This photo of The Villar family with the international celebrity got over a thousand likes on the Rappler Facebook page. Interesting, eh?

SMILE! The Villar family strikes a pose with Jennifer Lopez

MoodMeter = Annoyed

Trolling the troll

What’s more annoying than a troll? It’s someone fighting a troll.

It all started when @superstarmarian, a spoof Twitter account of celebrity Marian Rivera, tweeted about Jennifer Lopez. One of them being:

A fan of JLo was quick to jump in and defend the honor of his/her idol but missed a bit when he/she (hard to identify as there is no trace of him/her) failed to double check his/her tweets.

Guess what happened next?

We’re not sure if it was intentional on the part of JLo’s fan but still, lesson learned: Leave the troll alone. –

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